Sunday, September 30, 2012

L.A. Colors Lipgloss/Lipstick Duo Review and Swatch

This is my third review from my mini super cheap beauty haul! I got this great duo for $1.00! This is a lipgloss and lipstick duo from L.A. Colors in Sensual #824. It is a vibrant pink lipstick with a pink sparkle gloss. The gloss almost looks really glitter based in the tube, but comes out a great shimmer color.

I really loved the shade of pink lipstick. It is super vibrant, but can easily be toned down. It's all in the application! The gloss is great too. Both of these can be worn alone or together to create totally different looks. The packaging is great and really convenient. There is no need to carry a separate lipstick and gloss, this is both in one! These duo's come in several different shades and even a neutral/clear. This was totally worth the $1.00 I spent. I love finding products I love that are this inexpensive! You can't beat that!





Saturday, September 29, 2012

Seeing Spots and Dots : Polka Dot Trends

The polka dot trend is such a classic! This pattern has been around since the beginning of fashion. From big dots to small spots they are everywhere. This pattern can go from classy to fun just by adding the right accessories. If you are hesitant to cover yourself in these dots, then you can easily opt for the dotted accessories! Everyone can pull off this trend, so don't feel overwhelmed if you are worried about head to toe dots! Just grab a cute handbag or pair of shoes and flaunt your new dotted look! Here are a few of my picks!

polka dots

Seeing Spots


Friday, September 28, 2012

Smokey eye with a pop of color : Tutorial and Review on Wet N Wild Pallet

I haven't done a fun shadow look in a long time, so I thought I would try one out with the Wet N Wild "Blue Had Me at Hello" Pallet. These was one of those super cheap finds that I wanted to try out! These pallets are under $6.00.


The Look : Glam Rock- Blue, Teal, Black

Here's a quick photo guide with the directions below. Don't forget to check out my review!

1-2) I started with a primer. This is from Mary Kay. You can even use a dab of foundation to prime your lids. This helps hold the shadow on.
3-4) Dust the lightest color over lids.
5-6) Take the royal blue shade in picture 6 and pat on lid.
7-8) Take the similar shade of blue in picture 7 and sweep over upper lid and crease area.
9-10) Take the teal shade in picture 9 and do inner corner of upper lid and blend towards outer edges.
11-12) Take the sparkle black in picture 11 and put in crease and outer corner of eye.
13-14) Take light teal shade in picture 13 and blend darker shadows on upper lid and brow bone area. You are also going to take the lightest color and highlight under the brow bone continuing to blend.
15) Take the darker shadow and brush under lashes. Take the teal and line the inner corner of the eye.
16) Using black liner line the upper lid and smudge.
17) Line your waterline. This is the inner part of your bottom lashes.
18) Top off with mascara and you're done!
Review :
I was actually impressed with this Wet N Wild pallet! The pigment in the shadow was great. These were very bold colors that went on very easily. These shadows are easy to wear and last throughout the day. Definitely worth the five or six dollars I spent! There are a couple other 8 pan pallets as pictured above, so there is a shade family perfect for everyone.


Shorts For Fall : Just Because It's Fall Doesn't Mean You Can't Wear Shorts!

Fall is finally here! I have to say I am thrilled! Summer in Charleston can get really hot! I am all for pool and beach weather, but it's time for a cooler breeze! Just because Fall is here doesn't mean it's time to put away your shorts! Shorts can still be seen this season, and will an entirely different look and feel! Here are a few of my shorts picks for this season. Check out below for three different Fall Shorts Looks!

fall shorts4

fall shorts 3

Fall Shorts

Fall Shorts 2


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Day to Night : Easy Transformation

Casual day looks can easily be transformed to night looks by simply adding or removing accessories. Darkening makeup and switching shoes also helps in changing your look. I put together a day or work look and then showed you how to transform the look by removing a cardigan and switching up the accessories to have a fun night out.

Work Wear
Work Wear

Night on the Town

Date Night After Work

Nail Polish Sticker Review :The Easy Polish Option

I bought these nail polish stickers on my beauty haul several days ago. I picked up two packs for $1.00 each. I couldn't resist, because they are compared to Sally's Salon Effects. The Sally's option runs about $9.00 per box. These are $1.00. Below is a step by step photo guide on applying the polish strips. Under that you can find a detailed how to and my review of these Donna Michelle Nail Polish Stickers! Check it out!

So, what do you think so far? Cool right? Here is the super easy how to guide based on the pictures.
1) Just showing you packaging. Easy enough! 2) Back of package and the directions. 3) Inside package. The strips come in a clear baggy. 4) Strips out of the bag. They still have a protective plastic cover on them so the strips don't get messed up. Smart,huh? Here is where the actual application begins... 5) Peel your strip from the plastic. 6) Place the strip on your nail with the silver end pointing out. 7) Press down and smooth. 8) Fold down excess strip and make sure edges are down. 9) gently file edges to smooth. 10) Ta-Da you're done! Now, the directions didn't tell me to top with a clear coat, but I did anyway. Clear coat will secure any loose edges and prevent pealing. Besides that I only did my thumb and ring finger! You can do as many or few as you decide! Now for my review...

These were super fun and easy! What a great way to dress up your nails in no time at all! It took under five minutes for me to do both hands and that includes my actual polish color along with the stickers. I loved these and will definitely get more. Can you believe they were only $1.00? Wow!





Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Party Dress

This year I am turning the big three-oh. Wow! I can't believe that thirty is almost here. I feel old! We haven't totally decided what the plans are for my birthday this year, but I'm thinking I need to get a new dress! Any excuse to shop right? Here are two quick party dresses that caught my eye. They are both fairly classic cuts. One in a basic black and another in a fun pink. Which look is your favorite?



30 by flairbybrandi featuring casadei pumps


NYC Skin Matching Foundation Review and Swatch

This is the second review from my mini super cheap beauty haul that I posted about a couple days ago. I picked this foundation up at Walmart for around $3. It is compared to several of the higher end skin blending technology foundations, so I thought I would give it a try.

I have light skin somewhere between an ivory and light beige. Ivory shades are usually way too white and make me look pasty. That's not a good thing. I bought the NYC Matching Foundation in "687 Light to Medium".

*Important Tip* When matching your foundation to your skin do not I repeat DO NOT match it to the skin on your forearm or any other part of your body except your face! The best place to test foundation is on the side of your cheek. If you are testing several foundations put them in lines across the side of your cheek one above the other closest to the jawline not the blush area. This will show you which resembles you natural skin tone best and you will be able to pick the best shade! Check out the diagram below to see!

Foundation testing placement

Foundation testing placement by flairbybrandi featuring dolce gabbana

Now, back to my review of NYC's Skin Matching Foundation! I did do a "no-no" on the swatch because I showed the swatch on my arm rather than my cheek. The reason for this is because I wanted to show the consistency of the foundation. I will do a before and after makeup look with this product soon!


NYC Skin Matching Foundation works great. It is not heavy feeling or oily and gives just enough coverage. I purchased "687 Light to Medium" shade and it blended very nicely. It didn't leave any harsh lines and matched my skin very well. It was definitely worth the $3.00! I was happy with the results!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

15 under $50 : Tops for Fall

With no time for myself I seem to gravitate toward late night shopping and browsing on the Internet! Working at home and home schooling my youngest son during the day doesn't leave much time for anything else. By late afternoon I have to prepare myself to stand over my oldest and make sure his homework is done and that he doesn't irritate and torture (not literally) his little brother. My boys are a full time job themselves! After dinner ( home cooked and takeout) I'm so sleepy that I barely have time to spend with my husband before I am ready to get cozy in my bed and wrap myself in my blankets. When my head hits the pillow you might as well stick a fork in me because I'm done!

While browsing for some cute fall tops I came across several I loved. Here are 15 I picked to share with you and they are all under $50. How great is it to look amazing and not break the bank! Here are my 15 for $50! Check below for prices and where to find these looks. What styles will you be wearing this fall?

15 under 50

Knit top
$26 -

Full Tilt knit top

Blonde Blonde western shirt
$32 -

Striped top
$11 -

River Island grey knit sweater
$36 -

Crop top

Teal cardigan
$11 -

A Wear sheer black shirt
$24 -

$32 -

Belted cardigan
$26 -

Summer top
$32 -

H m
$24 -

Wallis printed shirt

Jumper sweater
$36 -


L.A. Colors Loose Shimmer Shadow Review

I told you about my mini super cheap beauty haul yesterday, but if you didn't get a chance to read it you can check it out here! I also mentioned I was going to review the products I purchased on this haul! Today I am giving you the heads up on L.A. colors Loose Shimmer Shadows. I purchased Snow White and Black Pearl for $1.00 each.  Here are a few pictures, color swatches, and my thoughts on the product!

for blog...

Review : Here I showed the two color swatches. They both have quite a bit of shimmer. The white is great for a highlighter. The black is also good for a smokey eye. I like the shadows, but I don't recommend using the brushes they came with. While the packaging was cute and well packaged, the usefulness of the brush is not so great. It would be fine for a quick sweep of the lid, but not if you intend on holding any color on your lid! You need a better brush to do the trick. I will be sure to do a makeup look soon using these shadows and using better brushes so you can get the full effect. The swatches were done using only the brush that came in the shadow bottle. Overall this was an ok product and worth the $1.00 I spent on each.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Oh The Ombre...Still A Favorite

Ombre has been out for quite a while now, but I still love this trend. This look can go from head to toe and all that's in between! There are some really great hair looks using the ombre trend in natural shades or highlighting with fun and wild colors. Here are a few of my ombre picks. How do you feel about the ongoing ombre trend? Is it a yay or nay for you?



Mini Makeup Haul : Super Cheap Finds!

I have been doing so many t-shirt transformations lately and found a place where you can get plain t-shirts for $1.00! Can you believe that? I was too excited. The place...Dollar Tree! Several people have been pinning about Dollar Tree crafts, but I haven't had time to try out any of those. I was just excited that these plain tee's were so cheap! They come in all sizes, colors, and of course different material. Some tee's are much thicker than others.

The point of this was to tell you about the other $1.00 finds I grabbed while on a mission for my tee's. I picked up a few makeup items from Dollar Tree in addition to a few from Walmart before my grocery shopping. Here are my latest super cheap purchases. And don't worry, I will be doing a review on all these products, because $1.00 or not, if the products aren't good why waste even that!

So, here they are...

What I got:
Dollar Purchases
NYC concealer
Maybelline lip stick
NYC duo lipstick and gloss
Michelle's Nail stickers (2 colors) (Compared to Sally's)
LA Colors shimmer eye shadows in white and black
Eneregin eye cream
Maybelline mineral liquid foundation
NYC blush
Total $11
Color Show Gold polish $3
Rimmel Stay Matte powder $3
NYC foundation $3
NYC matching foundation $3
Total $12
I am really anxious to try out some of these items. Maybelline tends to be a good brand and I already know I like a few of Rimmels products as well. When I saw the nail strips for $1.00 I knew I had to try these. They are compared to the Sally's Salon Effects strips. Those usually run about $9.00. Can't wait to see how well these work.
As I mentioned above I will be doing a review on all the products I purchased on my super cheap mini beauty haul. The first is the NYC Colors Shimmer Loose Shadows. Check back soon for that review and color swatches!


It's All About The Nautical

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm telling you again...I love nautical inspired fashion right now. From anchors to ship wheels and all the pretty stripes this trend is one of my favorites. This sea worthy inspired trend with it's simple patters is a classic.

My grandfather was in the Navy when he was young, and my grandparents house was filled with nautical trinkets. Ship clocks, lighthouses, and a huge mirror made from a ships old wheel the nautical feeling was all around you. That mirror is still hanging in the living room of their old house, and has been there since I can remember. I love it!

Random bit of info for you...I was actually named after a song called "Brandy". My mom did change the spelling, so of course I'm Brandi with an "i" not a "y"! The song is about a girl who fell in love with a sailor.I'm putting it below so you can check it out if you haven't already heard it! Back to my point, and that is this...Nautical is still one of my favorites.

Here are a few cute Nautical inspired pieces. How do you feel about this trend? Is it a yay or nay?

Nautical <3



Sunday, September 23, 2012

Neutrals with a Pop: On My Shopping List

I came across this skirt and loved the color and cut. I don't normally wear skirts like this, but think I will give this one a try. Normally I am drawn to darker colors for my accessories and tend to wear black a lot! I have recently been trying to make a conscious attempt to lean towards neutrals, browns, and pop's of color! I loved the look of this skirt when paired with brown shades. This is a definite outfit purchase! I am also really loving those boots! They are on my must have list and at DSW for under $60!

brown accessories


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Burgundy Bliss Trending: Get the Look and How to Style

One of fall's biggest trends and on the must have list is burgundy jeans! This look has been spotted everywhere from the runway to street style. There have been a few question's as to how to style these fab colored pants, so I put together a few quick looks to show you the versatility of this trend! Keep in mind these jeans come in a variety of cuts, styles, brands, and shades. This means there is a perfect pair and fit for everyone!

Burgundy ootd

Styles and Fits

burg jeans...

Style Guide

Styling Burgundy Jeans : Fall Style

Styling Burgundy Jeans : Fall Style by flairbybrandi featuring a peplum shirt

What look are you going to try?