Friday, May 13, 2016

The Guide to Wearing Sequins | Style options for everyone

For some people hearing the word sequin sparks fear. They are reminded of the horrible and tacky outfits of the eighties that still linger in hidden family photo albums! You remember those? The same basic deal as the crazy Christmas sweat shirts with the built in turtle neck and cat with the Santa hat!

Today's sequin trend is much easier to style and anyone can find something they like! I have created a few different looks using a sequin piece for each! I found the most amazing sequin skirt on pinterest and am secretly waiting for a reason to go buy it! I love how easy it is to dress it up or style it in a more casual look.

This first look is similar to the cute outfit I found on pinterest. I love the use of the plain white knotted tee with the sequin maxi skirt!

sequin 1

This next look is using sequin shorts for a fun date outfit or great for an evening out!

sequin 2

This next look is a business fun look! I love the knee length business style skirt paired with fun pops of pink!

sequin 3

This is a very simple and more casual look adding the pop of sequins on the top. This style can easily be worn with jeans, slacks, or even a skirt.

sequin 4

If you still aren't ready to dive into the sequin trend you can still find some simpler choices below. With these you can add a tiny pop of sparkle without going overboard!

sequin 5

Which one of these do you hope to try? I think I have a few different options on my list! Love and hugs as always!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Spark Your Creative Side | Home Office

With all the big projects finally finished at our house I have decided to start planning the next one. This one will definitely take some time since we are going to need to add another room to our home. We have been planning to make two additions to our home over the past couple of years, and it is finally almost time. The two additions will be a home office that will double as a sun-room and seating area. The second addition is a game room that can double as a guest room.

The easier job would probably be the game room. We will be utilizing unused space in our garage for that. I, however, have been waiting on my office for entirely too long! I need a space to be creative and have some time to myself! I am ready to get going on this project! In the meantime I have been looking at pinterest and other sites for some decor ideas. Since I live with my husband and two sons I decided this room needed to be as feminine as possible! I wanted it to be filled with things that make me smile! Things I can't have all over my house! 

I have decided on using white, gold, and pink for my main color palette. Here are a few of my pins so you can see some of the pictures that inspired my color decision! | Pink accent chair, gold shelves, striped bow pillow, gold accents - home office decor:

Nate Berkus gold scissors, clips, and tacks. Got these for my birthday 2015. Love them!:

Party Planning Tips & Office Tour  Read more - | Reviews and Weekly Outfits:


Check back soon for updates on our newest project! I'm ready to get started! Until next time lots of love and hugs!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Youtube, Pictures, Updates, and more!

Hey guys! Just wanted to post an Insta Update and let you know that I've been posting regular videos over on my youtube channel. If you haven't already checked that out you can do that HERE! I am planning to upload new videos every Wednesday and Sunday! I am also working to start putting regular content on here too! Here are a few pictures from the past month via Instagram!

Love and Hugs!!

House Remodel Part Two : Den

Today I thought I would cover part two of our house remodel and update. This post will cover the den updates. As many of you know we did polished concrete a few years back, but decided to go back to carpet.

This is the before...

First we needed to fix any water damage issues. That is another story for another day! We primed and sealed the floor again! Check below each picture for details!

1) The concrete floor
2) Changing the paint to gray
3) Prime and Seal floor
4) Floor after it was primed and sealed.

1) Laying carpet matting
6-8) Laying and seaming the carpet

My grandmother passed away almost 9 months ago and we decided to incorporate a few of her old pieces into our house. We have her antique record player, ship wheel mirror, lanterns, and custom coffee table my grandfather made. They remind me of my grandparents and I am happy we used them. I will have a tour of the house on my youtube channel soon! Don't forget to go check it out by clicking HERE!

Love and Hugs as always!