Monday, June 19, 2017

Easy Ways To Make Money and Get FREE Products | Work from Home Ideas for Anyone

Everyone is always looking for ways to earn extra money, but the problem is that most of us don't have a lot of extra time. It doesn't matter if you are young or old, single or married, a parent or don't have kids of your own there are simple and fun solutions to earn you money that you can do from home!

I know there are plenty of options in addition to the ones I'm giving you today, but I only wanted to share what I have personally done or currently do to earn extra money! I don't want to send you all over the internet chasing hopes and dreams that aren't easy to fulfill. That wouldn't help anyone!

Below you will find different categories to search from. You can click each link to find out more information. The link will open in a new window, so don't worry you won't lose your place on the page! I have personally done each of these and have actually made money in all these categories!



I started blogging and writing for fun or as a hobby. That hobby has been such a great opportunity though! I have been paid by several different companies for content and have been featured on several different sites. In addition to being paid for content I got some awesome perks and a good bit of free goodies! You will find out more about that below!

When you start a blog you can get an adsense account through Google. This will allow you to monetize your blogs and get paid for views and clicks! Other sites can advertise in the sidebar of your blog and you are the one to get paid! Yes, you get paid for doing no additional work!

Untitled #355


These sites pay you for your opinion or for writing sponsored content. Some of these awesome companies send you products just to test out! They are only looking for your honest opinion so you only need to write what you know! You get to test out so many different products from a variety of categories. You select your iinterests and they match you to campaigns. I love these sites and still use them today! Who doesn't love free goodies?

1) Influenster was one of the first companies I started with and they have always been faithful! I have     gotten so many products and voxboxes filled with goodies from this awesome company! I highly       reccomend them to women and men alike! This is a site anyone can use!

2) BzzAgent is another company that has always been great sending awesome products. I have tested     everything from household products to ice cream! This is another site good for both women and         men!

3) Smiley360 has also been a fun site that sends a variety of products!

4) Izea Media which used to be Pay Per Post is a great site for product links! You post the link, get clicks, get purchases, and get paid! It is great for anyone!



I have personally used these sites and still do! I made over $50 in just a few days for a few hours of surveys! It is easy, fun, and really works! These sites pay via check, paypal, or gift cards to your favorite sites! Make sure to check them out! I am a member of all of these!

5) Global Test Market is one of my favorites I was paid very quickly and the surveys were quick and       simple! It was such an easy way to make extra money!

6) Survey Junkie was another site that paid really fast! Again perfect for anyone!

7) Swagbucks earns you some great rewards and has easy ways to earn besides just surveys!

8) MyPoints is similar to Swagbucks and has easy and fun ways to earn! You can even watch video         clips on topics you pick to earn! How awesome is that?

9) Valued Voice is next on the list. Easy and simple!


I don't want to leave off without telling you about one last opportunity that worked out great for me and so many other people I know! Have you ever heard of Avon? That is a silly question, because I'm sure most of you have! Avon has been around since I can remember, but so much has changed! Avon is not just makeup! Avon offers so many amazing products at seriously incredible prices. The quality of products is outstanding and the fact that this company has been in business for over 130 years says a lot! They aren't going anywhere any time soon!

I was a member of Avon years ago and recently did a first impressions video of some new products I was testing out. That got me thinking! I decided that it would be such a great fit for me to do again! If you love working from home, setting your own schedule, makeup and beauty, home goods, fragrance, and fashion then this company is for you! Did I mention you get a SERIOUS discount!!!

Not only can you work from home, but you also get an online store through Avon for FREE! Yes, you get an online website already designed and ready to go for your customers to shop from in the comfort of their own home! They shop and you get paid! You can also promote your items on social media and, of course, share links with your friends directly from your store!

There are some great incentives to sign up now! You can also kick start your work from home goals by signing up with ME! That's right! I would love to have you on my team and start this journey with you! It doesn't matter what city or state you are in because Avon has recently started training and even having some awesome meetings online! It's a great opportunity! Click HERE and if asked enter code brandijones OR feel free to message me HERE and click on contact!

I will make sure to update you if I find any other good sites that have proven to work! I hope everyone has an amazing day! Love and Hugs as always!!

Thursday, June 15, 2017

First Impressions | Avon, Maybelline, and More

I've had a few products I've been meaning to test out, and thought that I would share my first impressions with you! We all know how I am when it comes to rambling so I apologize for the length of the video! Make sure you check the links below so you can find out where to get these! I seriously love the Avon liquid liner! I really cannot say enough good things about it!

Extra Lasting Liquid FoundationExtra Lasting Foundation HERE

Love and Hugs as Always!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

LoveBug Probiotics Unboxing

I was contacted by a company called LoveBug to test out their brand of probiotics. I had not currently been using a probiotic , but have heard great things about adding them to your routine.  Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you and,your digestive system. They promote gut health in addition to several other benefits! I am going to give you a brief description of each of the bottles that were sent to me and the benefits! Check the bottom of the post for my unboxing video! You will also find links to purchase the products! You can click the individual pictures or check out where to shop below!

I was sent three different bottles to test out including Here's The Skinny, Yeast Is A Beast, and Colds Suck. I opted to start taking Here's The Skinny, so I will give you a summary starting with that one!
Here's the Skinny helps with digestive function and sensitive stomachs. It can also assist with your energy and moods! LoveBug claims to have better technology than any other brand and even has a time-release technology in their probiotics!  This specific one also helps assist with weight loss!

The second bottle, Yeast Is A Beast, is targeted specifically for women. It helps balance yeast and helps prevent UTI's in addition to helping gut health. It has a ton of natural ingredients and also helps with weight loss! 

The last bottle included was Colds Suck. In addition to working wonders for gut health it can help boost energy and help fight sickness! It helps your immune system by strengthening it! How great is that?

LoveBug Probiotics Colds Suck
Lovebug provides several other probiotics that are great for kids! They have a broad range for different age groups and concerns! I was really impressed with their website and variety in products! They aren't just a "one size fits all" company! I also want to mention that this company was started by a mom who was on a mission to help her son and his digestive issues! Its a great story, so make sure you check it out HERE! Make sure you check out all the other great products while you are there!


In addition to their website you can also find Lovebug at a variety of retailers! Here are some links below so you can get your hands on these and test them out for yourself!

Love and Hugs as Always!