Tuesday, September 25, 2012

L.A. Colors Loose Shimmer Shadow Review

I told you about my mini super cheap beauty haul yesterday, but if you didn't get a chance to read it you can check it out here! I also mentioned I was going to review the products I purchased on this haul! Today I am giving you the heads up on L.A. colors Loose Shimmer Shadows. I purchased Snow White and Black Pearl for $1.00 each.  Here are a few pictures, color swatches, and my thoughts on the product!

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Review : Here I showed the two color swatches. They both have quite a bit of shimmer. The white is great for a highlighter. The black is also good for a smokey eye. I like the shadows, but I don't recommend using the brushes they came with. While the packaging was cute and well packaged, the usefulness of the brush is not so great. It would be fine for a quick sweep of the lid, but not if you intend on holding any color on your lid! You need a better brush to do the trick. I will be sure to do a makeup look soon using these shadows and using better brushes so you can get the full effect. The swatches were done using only the brush that came in the shadow bottle. Overall this was an ok product and worth the $1.00 I spent on each.


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