Thursday, April 2, 2020

Not Quite Empty

 The downtown streets of Summerville, South Carolina look almost abandoned. This was the beginning of what looks to be a long eerie break from our normal lives. The busy shops and normally crowded streets seem almost desolate. It was definitely not anything you would expect on a typical Saturday afternoon. Nothing these days seems typical.

 Tyler and I walked the block of Hutchinson square where our boutique relocated back in July 2019. These past 8 months have been a whirlwind, but definitely a blessing. God brought us the opportunity of a better location, and within weeks we moved. It has been amazing and such a fun journey.  This area usually looks like something from a Hallmark movie, but lately it is anything but.

Covid-19 has taken over the news, the internet, and most conversations. It has taken away anything we considered normal. We are several weeks into this pandemic and the US is seeing some of it's hardest times ever.

With this disease so rapidly spreading we decided the best and safest measure was to temporarily close our boutique. It was not a decision we thought we would have to make, but these times are not something we expected. I don't think anyone has seen anything like this. It is almost unimaginable. The heartbreak that comes with this disease and the lives lost are something I never thought we would witness. It is definitely a wake up call on so many levels. I think these times have made many of us realize the things that truly matter.

President Trump has extended our social distancing period through the end of April. At that point many people will have been quarantining themselves for 6 weeks or more. It's scary how fast things can change. God has opened my eyes these past couple of weeks. I have spent much more time with Him in the Word and in prayer. I think so much of our time is spent rushing and running and we forget to look to what really matters. We put things off and make excuses. We avoid conversations and hide from consequences. This has been a wake up call for so many. God is calling us to lean on Him in these troubled times, because He truly is our hope.

 So many of us take things for granted. We put so much focus on all the wrong things. I am as guilty as the next person. I know God has a plan and a purpose for me, but I don't think I have been still enough to listen. I'm trying to take that time now. I am trying to listen to Him and hear him through these storms. I want my life to be one that honors Him and gives Him all the glory. I don't want a life of selfish ambitions. I am not saying as humans we shouldn't enjoy life or give up all ambition. I am saying our lives should be pleasing to God. Our lives should reflect one of Christ and not of ourselves. This life is temporary. I don't want to waste this chasing momentary happiness. I want to store my treasures in heaven!

I don't know what the next several weeks will hold. I don't even know what tomorrow will hold, but I do know who holds tomorrow! I know that I am going to trust in my Savior through this. I am going to lean on Him for understanding. I am going to pray that He leads us on whatever path we should be on. I pray for our world. I pray for all those who are affected by this. I pray that things get better soon. I hope we will be able to open the boutique again soon! I know there are several other things that I am looking forward to doing. God is calling me out of my comfort zone, and I am finally going to listen. I pray that if you are reading this you know that God has plans for you too! Trust Him!