Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NYC Skin Matching Foundation Review and Swatch

This is the second review from my mini super cheap beauty haul that I posted about a couple days ago. I picked this foundation up at Walmart for around $3. It is compared to several of the higher end skin blending technology foundations, so I thought I would give it a try.

I have light skin somewhere between an ivory and light beige. Ivory shades are usually way too white and make me look pasty. That's not a good thing. I bought the NYC Matching Foundation in "687 Light to Medium".

*Important Tip* When matching your foundation to your skin do not I repeat DO NOT match it to the skin on your forearm or any other part of your body except your face! The best place to test foundation is on the side of your cheek. If you are testing several foundations put them in lines across the side of your cheek one above the other closest to the jawline not the blush area. This will show you which resembles you natural skin tone best and you will be able to pick the best shade! Check out the diagram below to see!

Foundation testing placement

Foundation testing placement by flairbybrandi featuring dolce gabbana

Now, back to my review of NYC's Skin Matching Foundation! I did do a "no-no" on the swatch because I showed the swatch on my arm rather than my cheek. The reason for this is because I wanted to show the consistency of the foundation. I will do a before and after makeup look with this product soon!


NYC Skin Matching Foundation works great. It is not heavy feeling or oily and gives just enough coverage. I purchased "687 Light to Medium" shade and it blended very nicely. It didn't leave any harsh lines and matched my skin very well. It was definitely worth the $3.00! I was happy with the results!



  1. cheap and good. damn, i'm definitely going to try it.



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