Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nail Polish Sticker Review :The Easy Polish Option

I bought these nail polish stickers on my beauty haul several days ago. I picked up two packs for $1.00 each. I couldn't resist, because they are compared to Sally's Salon Effects. The Sally's option runs about $9.00 per box. These are $1.00. Below is a step by step photo guide on applying the polish strips. Under that you can find a detailed how to and my review of these Donna Michelle Nail Polish Stickers! Check it out!

So, what do you think so far? Cool right? Here is the super easy how to guide based on the pictures.
1) Just showing you packaging. Easy enough! 2) Back of package and the directions. 3) Inside package. The strips come in a clear baggy. 4) Strips out of the bag. They still have a protective plastic cover on them so the strips don't get messed up. Smart,huh? Here is where the actual application begins... 5) Peel your strip from the plastic. 6) Place the strip on your nail with the silver end pointing out. 7) Press down and smooth. 8) Fold down excess strip and make sure edges are down. 9) gently file edges to smooth. 10) Ta-Da you're done! Now, the directions didn't tell me to top with a clear coat, but I did anyway. Clear coat will secure any loose edges and prevent pealing. Besides that I only did my thumb and ring finger! You can do as many or few as you decide! Now for my review...

These were super fun and easy! What a great way to dress up your nails in no time at all! It took under five minutes for me to do both hands and that includes my actual polish color along with the stickers. I loved these and will definitely get more. Can you believe they were only $1.00? Wow!






  1. Where did you get these?? I've used the Sally Hansen ones but I can't afford to buy them on a weekly basis :)

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    1. I actually found them at the Dollar Tree! I went to get T-shirts for all those t-shirt transformations and decided to walk through the makeup isle. I couldn't believe it, and of course had to grab them to try them out!

    2. How crazy! I have to check this out!


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