Saturday, April 16, 2016

Makeup Storage and Organization

Hey guys! Today I decided to take a break from the house remodel and decor and focus on makeup storage!After i used the KonMari method to declutter and clean out anything that I didn't use I thought I would show you a quick makeup storage tour!

Thanks for watching! Love and hugs as always!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

House Remodel Part One: Kitchen

I said that I was going to post this several months ago, but it took longer than I thought. I finally got around to do it! I am going to do this in a series of posts starting with the kitchen! We have gone room by room and updated a few things and added a few new touches! 

A few years back we redid our den floor and opted for stained concrete. I liked it for the most part, but with our family it just wasn't a practical option to keep it that way. We decided that since we still have kids at home we would go back to carpet for now. Everyone still likes to lounge around and lay in the floor at times. Concrete isn't the most comfortable option for that. 

I will be doing our latest den transformation in the next post. Today we will focus on the kitchen!
Here is the kitchen before! The kitchen had never been updated and has looked the same since 1989! It definitely needed some work.

We didn't replace all the cabinets, but we do plan to refinish them. That has not been done as of yet! We just did the basics! I will walk through the numbers below each photo!

1) A quick picture of the floor before we pulled it up.
2) The crazy wallpaper! That was not fun to rip off!
3) We just pulled apart the old counter! 
4) The stove after we pulled it out. It was a built in type stove and was not fun pulling out either. It was hard wired into the wall and did not have the "normal" plugs that stoves have now. We had to rewire everything when we put in the new stove. Again not fun!

5) This is the insane mess that was the sink side of the kitchen.
6) Just pulled off the counter
7) New counter down and to measure to cut the sink.
8) The sink is installed with a new faucet!

9) Removed all the floor and had to scrape the remaining glue from the cement foundation.
10) Time for the walls.
11) Creme on top, chair rail, then blue-green on bottom.
12) Almost time to caulk and fill in the nail holes.

13) We primed and sealed the floor then put down the tiles. I measured with spacers.
14) Next came grout!

There was a good bit of clean up when we finished! We also bought a few new things to add to the decor. We are still working on the "finishing touches", but this is our current kitchen! I hope you guys liked this post! Don't forget to check out my posts on how to organize your cabinets!

Love and Hugs!