Monday, September 24, 2012

Mini Makeup Haul : Super Cheap Finds!

I have been doing so many t-shirt transformations lately and found a place where you can get plain t-shirts for $1.00! Can you believe that? I was too excited. The place...Dollar Tree! Several people have been pinning about Dollar Tree crafts, but I haven't had time to try out any of those. I was just excited that these plain tee's were so cheap! They come in all sizes, colors, and of course different material. Some tee's are much thicker than others.

The point of this was to tell you about the other $1.00 finds I grabbed while on a mission for my tee's. I picked up a few makeup items from Dollar Tree in addition to a few from Walmart before my grocery shopping. Here are my latest super cheap purchases. And don't worry, I will be doing a review on all these products, because $1.00 or not, if the products aren't good why waste even that!

So, here they are...

What I got:
Dollar Purchases
NYC concealer
Maybelline lip stick
NYC duo lipstick and gloss
Michelle's Nail stickers (2 colors) (Compared to Sally's)
LA Colors shimmer eye shadows in white and black
Eneregin eye cream
Maybelline mineral liquid foundation
NYC blush
Total $11
Color Show Gold polish $3
Rimmel Stay Matte powder $3
NYC foundation $3
NYC matching foundation $3
Total $12
I am really anxious to try out some of these items. Maybelline tends to be a good brand and I already know I like a few of Rimmels products as well. When I saw the nail strips for $1.00 I knew I had to try these. They are compared to the Sally's Salon Effects strips. Those usually run about $9.00. Can't wait to see how well these work.
As I mentioned above I will be doing a review on all the products I purchased on my super cheap mini beauty haul. The first is the NYC Colors Shimmer Loose Shadows. Check back soon for that review and color swatches!


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