Monday, December 1, 2014

On My Christmas List

I usually don't make a Christmas list, but lately I haven't done much shopping for myself. I also tend to feel guilty for making "selfish" purchases...meaning ones I don't really need! This year I decided that a few things that have been on my shopping list would be great to transfer to my "Christmas List".  Here are a few of the items and a description below!

shopping by flairbybrandi featuring Muji

1) Muji large 2 drawer acrylic makeup storage
2) Muju 5 drawer acrylic makeup storage
3) acrylic lipstick organizer
4) Makeup Geek shadow
5) Storage cubes (I am getting the 9 cube and then adding a customized shoe storage at the bottom)
6) Anastasia dip bow
7) Anastasia contour kit
8) a Z palette (in leopard)

What is on your Christmas list? Beauty items, storage solutions, or other fun stuff? Let me know!

Love and hugs!