Friday, January 24, 2014

Den gets a makeover :Painted Concrete floors

I have been ready to get rid of our carpet for quite a while. I also considered the thought of painting the concrete! Rather than over think it I just decided to do it! Last week we woke up Friday morning and decided to rip up the carpet, so we did! It definitely wasn't really planned out! We ended up having to put the furniture in the kitchen, and let me just say that was no fun!!

I definitely like the results and think change is good!! I'm not saying that I will leave it like this forever, but for now I am glad we did it! Here are a few pictures and then our crazy and quite random video of what took place!


Check out the video of how we did everything!!

Hope you have an amazing weekend! We are planning to repaint the walls and redo the kitchen soon! Should I document that too?? Love and hugs!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Currently Craving Home Decor : Target Edition

I haven't done any  home décor posts recently, so I decided to do one for you guys today! I was in target recently and found these really cute pieces! I really love this teal blue shade and think that the silver, purple and hints of black and white look amazing together. I am planning on doing a revamp to our bedroom and these are a few of the pieces that I plan to incorporate! All of these great pieces can be found at target! Check below for a link to the item page! You can also find great coupons to use at Target by clicking HERE!


I hope you all have an amazing weekend!! Love and hugs!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cover Girl Bombshell Mascara Review

I haven't used a drugstore mascara in a few months now and decided to give this Bombshell Mascara a try. I've really been loving my Smashbox mascara and wanted to see how this compared!

volume mascara
This Cover Girl Bombshell mascara comes in 4 different shades and has a two step system for plumping and lengthening lashes!
The packaging states that this mascara will give you 10x more noticeable lashes. The basecoat (step 1) is said to give extreme volume, while the top coat (step 2) will intensify. This is supposed to make lashes look amazing and really noticeable.
When I picked this up I was in such a hurry that I grabbed the wrong color! I didn't notice until I went to do my review and try it out! I always get black in mascara and somehow managed to pick up the brown! I wasn't happy about that at all! After I took the picture of it in the package (below) I noticed it and had to go exchange it!
So now that I have the right color I can start the review!! Here is step one! The wand for this side is like a plastic material. The bristles are more spread out and more "stiff" than a brush type wand. This coat is also black but this is the step that is supposed to add volume. It seemed to separate the lashes a good bit while still adding length.
 The next side, or step two, has a brush type wand with tons of bristles very close together. This is a typical type of wand. This step added more length to the base coat. I bought shade 800 Very Black (this time lol). It seemed to go on nicely and didn't clump.
Here is a picture of the mascara once applied. I only did two coats as a trial. I definitely plan to add more coats next time to see if there are different results.
Overall I would say this is a good mascara. I heard mixed reviews about removal, but I didn't have any problems. I usually use coconut oil on my eyes to remove makeup before cleansing my skin. The coconut oil took the makeup off with no problems. I will say that I did run water across my eyes first to see how well it held up. I also did an "eye rub" test and seriously couldn't believe how well the mascara stayed intact! I was a little worried about how hard the removal would be since I didn't have any smudges or nothing really came off during the rub test. Thank goodness removal was really easy and I was definitely pleased with the results!
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Have you tried the bombshell mascara yet? Let me know what you think!! Love and hugs to you all!!