Monday, July 28, 2014

GIVEAWAY: Last Chance Final Entry and Winner Announced Soon!

Just a quick thank you to all who entered my first giveaway! I'm really excited to get this shipped out to one of my lucky readers! The last thing to do is leave me a comment via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or here on my blog and tell me why you want to win and what you are excited to try in the giveaway box! 

The winner will be picked tonight and announced by tomorrow morning! Go ahead and tell me why you want to win!! Ready, Set, Go......

Good luck! Love and hugs as always!


Friday, July 18, 2014

Coral and Denim : Simple Summer Look

On a recent shopping trip I picked up a cute corral dress similar to the one pictured. I already had a denim vest so the combo was a no brainer! I put this similar look together and paired it with some cute accessories for a simple and fun summer look! I really love this coral color right now!

A fashion look from June 2014 featuring Salvatore Ferragamo sandals, Accessorize clutches and Georg Jensen bracelets. Browse and shop related looks.

Is this a summer style you would wear? I hope you all had a fabulous week! Guess's Friday!! If you haven't already entered my GIVEAWAY do it now! Its really easy to enter and there are over 18 goodies in the giveaway! Click HERE to enter! Love and hugs as always!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Halfway through July via Instagram

Ok July is more than half over! It seems like it has flown by! I did get a few days to relax so far this month and definitely enjoyed a few beach days! I plan on having a few more of those soon! Here is my month so far!

I hope you are all having a fabulous day and amazing July! Don't forget to enter the giveaway on my blog and if you missed it click HERE to enter!

Love and Hugs!


The giveaway started yesterday and we definitely want you to enter each day! This will better your chance of winning! Please make sure you share the giveaway and follow the easy entry with the box below. Each person who enters will need to leave a blog comment so we can verify your user name and entries!

This giveaway is for a goody box filled with some of my favorite items! There are over 18 now, but don't be surprised if I throw something else in extra! So get started and spread the word!!

Love and Hugs!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

GIVEAWAY TIME!! Brandi's Favorites Box is ready to go!

Ok its finally giveaway time! Who is ready for some free stuff!! Its super easy to enter and you can enter more than once for more chances to win! Here are the goodies!

There are over 18 goodies waiting on you to win! Just follow the instructions in the rafflecopter box below and enter!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Kicking off our Giveaway! Get Ready!

We are already well into July and I was planning to do this months ago! I am working to put together a "favorites box" for several different products! I am one of those people who loves trying out different products before I find the one I really love! With that being said I also tend to buy certain items in bulk if I really like them!

This giveaway is going to be a goody box filled with fun stuff from hair products to makeup! There may even be a few fun things in between! I am going to kick things off next week so its time to spread the word!

Share this post, our facebook page, our instagram page, or pin something from our site and announce the giveaway! There will be an option for this on the official giveaway so get started early! I will the goodies later this week but be ready for a fun surprise or two!

I hope you are all having a great week! Stay tuned for more details!!

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GIVEAWAY!! Brandi's Favorites Box

Ok its giveaway time here at Flair by Brandi! I decided to give away some of my favorite drugstore hair care products with a few makeup and personal care items too! This goody box has over 18 products that I really liked and wanted to share with one of you!

Here is what's in the goody box:

Wet N Wild black eye pencil
Wet N Wild Brandy Wine lip pencil
Wet N Wild black fade proof shadow in Panther
Wet N Wild lipstick in 522A Dark Wine
Wet N Wild lipstick in 965 Cherry Picking
Wet N Wild protective basecoat for nails
Cover Girl eye shadow in 620 Snow Blossom
Cover Girl eye shadow in 435 Turquoise Tempest
Ponds nourishing moisturizer
Got 2 Be Kinkier curling mousse
Tresemme firm control hairspray
Vidal Sassoon Dry Shampoo
John Frieda luxurious volume shampoo
Pantene stylers heat protectant spray
Aussie hair insurance leave in conditioner
Vidal Sassoon combing crème detangler and smoother
Pure Silk Shave Cream in Cherry Blossom
Bic Soleil #pack of 3 blade razors

Don't be surprised if more goodies get thrown in too!

The giveaway starts tomorrow so get ready to enter and share the word with your friends!!

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Celebrate Summer at the Bahama Breeze Beach Bash

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Bahama Breeze for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-18at15323PM_zps53f4b66d.png

Summer is here and its time to celebrate with Bahama Breeze Summer Beach Bash ! Their beach bash kicked off June 23rd, but don't worry there is still plenty of time to join in on the fun! The Bahama Breeze beach bash will continue through August 3, 2014! What better way to relax than to grab a few of your friends and sip on your favorite frozen cocktail! You can also try their latest specialty drink, the Bahama Breeze Ultimate Pineapple, which is made with fresh cut pineapple! Check out how it's made!


Saturdays are a must if you love live music! Bahama Breeze offers a great selection of music from Reggae to contemporary styles and will definitely put you in a relaxing state of mind! While you sip on your custom ordered cocktail you may also want to sample some of their amazing Coconut Shrimp or Jamaican Wings before enjoying your lunch or dinner! From salads and soups to their mouth watering Wood Grilled Sirloin there is something for everyone!

Bahama Breeze is the summer destination for a good time! If you are in the mood to relax and sip on a frozen drink or rock out to some amazing Caribbian inspired music Bahama Breeze has you covered! During the Summer Beach Bash there is also a chance to win a $25 Bahama Breeze gift card and its definitely easy to enter! When you or your friends attend the Summer Beach Bash just make sure you participate in the "Instagram Selfie Contest"! All you need to do is take a selfie of you enjoying yourself at the bash and use the hashtag #MyBBSelfie!
So, what are you waiting for? Get out to the Bahama Breeze Beach Bash today! Grab a drink, Instagram your selfie to #MyBBSelfie, and experience the fun for yourself!

 photo ScreenShot2014-06-18at15248PM_zpsc7418dcb.png
Love and Hugs!
Brandi J.
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Insta Update : Bye Bye June

I haven't done anything too exciting over the past few weeks. I was planning a trip to Orlando, but decided that I was going to push it back a few months. We just have entirely too much going on right now! I'm sure that will always be the case, but it was still best to hold off for now. With that being said here is my insta update for the June!

Love and hugs!!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

10 Tips to Help You Relax and Ease Stress

Life is full of stress and some days are harder than others. Everyone goes through periods of stress and even depression. Sometimes things can seem overwhelming and answers seem hard to find. I've been having days like this quite a bit lately. Sometimes I just want to scream. Maybe that would help, but it doesn't seem like the smartest sit in a room full of people (at work or home) and just let out a horrible high pitched shriek . With that being said I usually keep things to myself and pack on additional stress.

I have been thinking about how life can overwhelm us at times and what options there are to overcome these things. Sometimes our problems can stem from toxic people in our lives, bills, lack of sleep, being overworked, and several other things. Sometimes we cant necessarily eliminate the problem all at once, so what can we do to relieve some of these problems? I've been researching and thinking a good bit on this lately and here are a few things I've come up with. These things are on my list to de-stress and help ease my mind.

1) Eat better. There are tons of foods packed with health benefits not only for your body, but also for your mind. Eating better will help your body inside and out and will help brain functions! 

Asparagus is in season now. Did you know it's one of the best natural sources of folate? |
2) Get a change of scenery. Being trapped in the same space all the time can cause anyone to feel sad. Seeing the same thing or the same room day in and day out can do a number on your mental health. Get out and explore even if you just walk around a park or a mall. Get out and see something different.

There weren't as many ducks here when we walked through St. Stephen's Park in Dublin, Ireland.  There were swans, though.

3) Read,write, paint, or draw outside! Get out of the house and find a cozy spot outside. The natural vitamins you receive from the sun will make you feel amazing! Grab a book or pen and paper and head outside. Create a cozy spot on your porch or head to a local pool or park and get lost in something you enjoy. 

Love the wood decking, layout, and overall style

4) Take a walk. Walking not only promotes heart and body health but mental health as well. Any form of exercise boosts your brain and helps eliminate stress! I plan on starting to take walks at different places each day. I live in Charleston, SC and we have some great beaches and amazing scenery downtown Charleston. I think The Battery and Waterfront Park are two great places to start!

The Battery Charleston, SC

5) Find a hobby or restart one you love. I had tons of hobbies and fun pastimes I used to love. For some reason I stopped. I loved to create things! I did everything from home decor DIY projects, making jewelry, painting, and repourposing old items. I basically stopped doing all of those things. In the few moments of spare time I have I usually end up doing laundry or household chores. It seems like I have no time to enjoy anything. It is definitely time to restart one or more of these hobbies and enjoy a creative outlet! 

I love this image. This DIY watch a original craft. If you love this type of fantasy please visit my website for more idea.  ...

6) Create your own space! It doesn't matter if you live in a house full of people or if you are the only one in your home it is important to create a space that is yours! If you have you live alone than it is easy to create a huge environment that screams "you", but that can be a difficult task if you have a house full of people! I have two sons and a husband who seem to take over the entire house. I feel like everywhere I look there is something that screams "boy" ....from video games to bow and arrows that's what I see. I have been working on coming up with ideas for a relaxing and cozy area just for me. I saw this adorable picture on pinterest last week and fell in love. I think this space would be perfect for me, so I am working on recreating something similar just or me! If you know me, than you know this is definitely a "Brandi" kind of space!

7) Read the Bible and Pray. Praying and reading the Word are definitely one of the most calming and helpful things you can do. As a Christian it is important that we feed ourselves spiritually just as we do physically. Without my relationship with God I don't know where I would be. He is my Rock and because of Him I know all things will be ok! My strength is dependent on Him and I know regardless of my trials and tribulations I will get through! Through Him all things are possible and I am truly grateful!!

Through Christ, all things are possible

8) Say NO! Don't be afraid to say NO! So many times we put unnecessary stress on ourselves because we are afraid to say no! We don't want to hurt someones feelings or let them down. Don't think because you say no you are being mean! We cant do everything! We cant take on the world! Sometimes we just need to say no because we have too many other obligations. We might also need to say no because what we are being asked goes against our morals or values. When you say NO do just that! You don't owe everyone an  explanation of your reason! No is no and leave it at that! Once you realize you don't have to do everything for everyone your stress will definitely be reduced! Try it, you will feel so much better!

You shouldn't have to listen to people question your judgment especially when only you know what's right for your life. No one knows you like you know yourself. When you say "no" the answers no. When you say "yes" then let it be a yes. No explaining yourself or justifying yourself should be required when you're sure of your decision.

9) Take a "time-out". We all need time alone! We all need to be able to walk away for a few moments and gather our thoughts. Again, this can be difficult if you are constantly surrounded by people. I feel like this quite a bit at times. In my house it seems like the only time I can actually be alone for a few minutes is in the bathroom! Moms, I know you understand this one! If the bathroom is your "saftey zone" then make something out of it. Dont just run in there and lock the door and sit on the closed toilet seat with your hand over your ears! Take time to relax and put your mind at ease! Fill the tub with hot water, light a candle, dim the lights, and put on some relaxing music. Take time to soak in the tub and read a book or just lay back with your eyes closed and enjoy the music. Life is too short to go full speed without a moment to catch your breathe! Now fill that tub and relax! (PS...if I had this tub and view I would never get out!!)

Beautiful Bathroom Retreat

10) Get it off your chest! If something is really bothering you and you keep it bottled up you are bound to explode. Sometimes the key to finally letting go and being able to relax is to get it off your chest. Talk to someone or calmly confront the person who is upsetting you. Talk to someone with an open mind and maybe finally being able to express your feelings will ease your mind. Go to your best friend, spouse, or family and give them some insight to whats been going on in your head. Sometimes having someone with an open ear or a shoulder to cry on can make you feel a million times better. Don't always try to carry the load of the world on your own. God put people in our lives for a reason. Those closest to you will be more than willing to support you through your tough times and can definitely help put a different perspective on things. Sometimes getting their opinion of a situation can really make a difference. We tend to make things seem like they are impossible at times, but having someone else give their thoughts can show us all that whatever the situation there is an easier way to manage it. Sometimes just getting things off our minds and not keeping them bottled up can make all the difference in the world. 

Love you <3 Best friends for life

I hope you are all having a wonderful week so far! The weekend is right around the corner! If you are having a bad week or going through a tough time please know that tomorrow is another day full of hope and promise. Love and hugs to you all!!