Wednesday, June 14, 2017

LoveBug Probiotics Unboxing

I was contacted by a company called LoveBug to test out their brand of probiotics. I had not currently been using a probiotic , but have heard great things about adding them to your routine.  Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for you and,your digestive system. They promote gut health in addition to several other benefits! I am going to give you a brief description of each of the bottles that were sent to me and the benefits! Check the bottom of the post for my unboxing video! You will also find links to purchase the products! You can click the individual pictures or check out where to shop below!

I was sent three different bottles to test out including Here's The Skinny, Yeast Is A Beast, and Colds Suck. I opted to start taking Here's The Skinny, so I will give you a summary starting with that one!
Here's the Skinny helps with digestive function and sensitive stomachs. It can also assist with your energy and moods! LoveBug claims to have better technology than any other brand and even has a time-release technology in their probiotics!  This specific one also helps assist with weight loss!

The second bottle, Yeast Is A Beast, is targeted specifically for women. It helps balance yeast and helps prevent UTI's in addition to helping gut health. It has a ton of natural ingredients and also helps with weight loss! 

The last bottle included was Colds Suck. In addition to working wonders for gut health it can help boost energy and help fight sickness! It helps your immune system by strengthening it! How great is that?

LoveBug Probiotics Colds Suck
Lovebug provides several other probiotics that are great for kids! They have a broad range for different age groups and concerns! I was really impressed with their website and variety in products! They aren't just a "one size fits all" company! I also want to mention that this company was started by a mom who was on a mission to help her son and his digestive issues! Its a great story, so make sure you check it out HERE! Make sure you check out all the other great products while you are there!


In addition to their website you can also find Lovebug at a variety of retailers! Here are some links below so you can get your hands on these and test them out for yourself!

Love and Hugs as Always!

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