Monday, July 30, 2018

Update, Plans, and What's to Come

I think this is the longest I have been away from my blog! I feel like I let life get in the way sometimes. So many things have changed and I wanted to give an update. I would say "quick" update, but I am not sure that would be accurate!

Last September I partnered with a boutique called Nina Belle's and brought in my bath and body products. I eventually took over accessories, jewelry, custom t-shirts, decals, and a few other things. Keeping up with that has taken up most of my time. The moments I would consider "free time" are usually spent working on orders. It's good I can work from home on those things!

The offer to partner with Nina Belle's seemed to come out of nowhere, but I feel blessed to have had this opportunity! God is so good, and even on hard days I am reminded of that.

In addition to Nina Belle's we have had several other things come up that made finding extra time seem impossible. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the busyness. Tyler branched out from his career and started his own company. That has definitely been time consuming and a lot of work! I am so proud of how far he has come. It seems to have grown much faster than we originally thought, but again I am reminded that God has a plan and He is in control!

I stopped blogging, making videos, and basically anything else I used to do because I couldn't find the time. I thought I needed to pick and chose what was important. I have realized that sometimes you need to put more thought into what you decide to eliminate. While I am aware you need to get your priorities in line, it is also extremely important to make time to do the things you enjoy. Having time to be creative or having time for you is essential for your own well being! You can't do everything you "need" to do when you don't properly take care of yourself! You can't completely put everything you enjoy on the back burner and make life all business. Unfortunately I feel like that is what happened to me, and I am currently trying to come back from that.

Somehow I had it in my head that I should completely dive head first into "work". I was always working on something from the time I got up to the time I went to bed. Some nights I was lucky to get in bed before 2:00 am. I overloaded myself without giving myself time to breathe. It didn't help with my anxiety either. I just kept putting more and more stuff on my plate without bothering to clean it off.

So here I am almost a year later with no time and lacking energy. I have thought long and hard about what needs to happen and I am currently in the process of making changes. The blog, website, and anything related to "Flair by Brandi" is being re-branded! I am excited about those changes and there will be a lot more details on the re-brand soon!

I am excited about the future and what God has planned for us! I am excited to now make the time to get back into things I let go! I hope you will all stay tuned so you can see what comes next!!

Love and Hugs

Brandi J.

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