Friday, May 13, 2016

The Guide to Wearing Sequins | Style options for everyone

For some people hearing the word sequin sparks fear. They are reminded of the horrible and tacky outfits of the eighties that still linger in hidden family photo albums! You remember those? The same basic deal as the crazy Christmas sweat shirts with the built in turtle neck and cat with the Santa hat!

Today's sequin trend is much easier to style and anyone can find something they like! I have created a few different looks using a sequin piece for each! I found the most amazing sequin skirt on pinterest and am secretly waiting for a reason to go buy it! I love how easy it is to dress it up or style it in a more casual look.

This first look is similar to the cute outfit I found on pinterest. I love the use of the plain white knotted tee with the sequin maxi skirt!

sequin 1

This next look is using sequin shorts for a fun date outfit or great for an evening out!

sequin 2

This next look is a business fun look! I love the knee length business style skirt paired with fun pops of pink!

sequin 3

This is a very simple and more casual look adding the pop of sequins on the top. This style can easily be worn with jeans, slacks, or even a skirt.

sequin 4

If you still aren't ready to dive into the sequin trend you can still find some simpler choices below. With these you can add a tiny pop of sparkle without going overboard!

sequin 5

Which one of these do you hope to try? I think I have a few different options on my list! Love and hugs as always!

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