Friday, April 6, 2012

Revamp Old Shoes

My old shoes need a new look. The reason:my dog at the heel!

This is Penny
(the shoe eater)

Here is a step by step guide on how I revamped my shoes.

The heel is obviously destroyed!

Next I cut off the remaining leather that covered both heels.

I added a coat of gloss enamel paint (this is actually a model car type of paint I borrowed from my kids!)

Then I hammered the bottom of the heel back on. I took the bottom from another old pair of shoes. I added rhinestones for sparkle! Rhinestones on shoes seems to be quite popular now, so I thought I would try it!

I used a craft glue to stick them to the heel. Any craft glue that is waterproof and dries clear will work. You can get craft glue from walmart for about $2.00.

I added some lace and made some bows for the back of the shoe. The glue dries clear and the picture shoes the wet glue. It almost has a bluish tint.

Here are the bows I made with the extra lace and silver ribbon. I attached them with the craft glue to the back. The glue sets fairly fast!
That's it! A super easy (and shiny) fix to torn up shoes! They were still not quite dry, but you get the picture. They look much better in person!


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