Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Shopping List : My Amazon Edition Latest Must Haves!

Hey y'all! With our busy schedule I haven't been able to write in quite a while! I plan to change that! I had some down time tonight and decided to share this post. I plan on scheduling my time better to make sure I can post my videos and blogs the way I intended to!

Even without having a lot of extra time I still managed to fill my Amazon shopping cart! I think I always find time to brows and shop! With that being said I am definitely going to be planning and scheduling my time better! I have, however, scheduled gym time! We finally joined a gym and have been slowly working toward our weight loss goal. I will be back to posting my Weight and Wellness Wednesday posts soon! I have a lot of great things to share with you guys!


A good bit of my shopping cart was inspired by our change in lifestyle so I thought I would share these items with you guys! Check below each picture for details on why these are in my cart! You will also find direct links at the bottom of the post!

tops shopping list

These tops seemed like fun! If you know me then you know I love coffee! It is a must for me! I don't tend to function well without it. I say that jokingly, but on a serious note it is my favorite! I also am a fan of mascara! I have very light eyelashes (and brows, but that is a different story) and never wear makeup without mascara! It is a must too! The third top is just great! Who doesn't love the Golden Girls? I seriously love them! I have another shirt that I am working on getting made that I will share with you guys soon!

shoes shopping

I can't say these shoes really represent "working out" or an "active" lifestyle, but I love them! The wedges are such a great pop of color and are a lot of fun! These classic Adidas Superstars have been a favorite for years! I wore the last pair I had out, so its definitely time for some new ones! I also found a seriously amazing pair of white ones with rose gold detail, but I'm saving those for another day!

books shopping

I know these aren't "typical" books, but they are in my cart regardless! I have been using a "Websters Pages" planner for the past few months. I have been trying out various sizes because I am trying to decide the size that is right for me. These planners are budget friendly and I have loved mine! I have a gold A2 size at the moment, but want to try out the A5. My "unicorn" planner is a Louis Vuitton! I just haven't decided if I want the MM or GM Agenda size! These are great comparison sizes and function in the same binder style! The other book is a Golden Girls coloring book! I think these adult style coloring books are great, and again, its Golden Girls!

tech shopping

I purchased a Samsung Gear Fit 2 last month and love it! I plan to do a full review soon! The only think that I haven't really been a fan of is the black band. I would really love to be able to change it out when I feel like it! I found this great option and added it to my cart! The second item is a rose gold wireless headset. I have been using my wired ear buds for as long as I can remember, but these will be perfect to go with my watch! I will explain more of the features when I review the watch!


The items I labeled "home" are somewhat random! The Rtic tumblers are very comparable to Yeti tumblers, but are half the price! You can find cheaper options on the website though! I decided before I shelled out over $30 for each tumbler I plan to purchase I will start with two of these great Rtic brand ones! I did some research and heard great things! In addition to that these Sipwell stainless steel straws will go perfectly with the tumblers!

The last item in my cart has been on my list for quite some time. I have really been wanting a tea set and serving tray. This cute option popped up and was a great deal, so I finally decided to add it! We all know I am a coffee fanatic, but lately I have really been enjoying my tea! With that being said, I figured it was time to get this great set!

I hope you guys liked this post! Stay tuned for my review of my Samsung watch and don't forget to follow me on social media! I stay pretty current on facebook and plan to upload a video on youtube at least once or twice each week! Make sure you go check those out! Love and hugs as always!

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