Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets : Part One

I intended on already having a video posted about this, but that didn't happen! It will, but just not yet! We are still in the process of moving and unpacking boxes! We are also still trying to do an overhaul to the rest of the house!

We have a small galley style kitchen. Since our kitchen is on the smaller side we don't have a lot of storage space. I did go through everything using the KonMari method and got rid of some unneeded junk and then began putting back the remaining items. I am trying to organize things the way we use them and in a way that functions best for us.

I will be going step by step through how I am organizing each cabinet. This is a VERY rough draft of how our kitchen is set up. This is just a visual diagram of how it is laid out. So if you are in the dining area looking into the kitchen we are starting with the right side. And this will be for cabinet #1 as shown.


Again I decided to do what was easiest and most functional for our family, so this is how I organized the shelves!

Each horizontal line represents a shelf and the vertical line in the center is the division between the double doors of the cabinet.

1) I put our tumblers and drinking glasses on the bottom left side.

2) Our dinner plates went on the bottom right.

3) Coffee cups and mugs went on the middle shelf on the left.

4) Bowls and some smaller plates went on the middle right.

5) I used the top shelf for platters or large plates.

6) Top right was used again for platters and serving trays.

This cabinet is the closest to the dining area, so it seemed more functional for us to have our most used items closest to the area we would use them. Again, these are just my suggestions and what works best for us!

I still plan to do a video tour of the actual kitchen once we finish moving everything back in! I hope this post will give you some ideas on how to organize your space! Stay tuned for the rest of the set up! I will try to get 2,3, and 4 in the next post!

Love and Hugs as always!!

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