Thursday, March 24, 2016

Organize Your Kitchen Part Two: Tupperware, Baking, and more

So, now that we went through how the layout of the kitchen is we can move on. I decided that I would finish up the right side of the kitchen in this post. Just remember, its still a work in progress!


The number 2 cabinet is fairly smaller than the other cabinets and it never really served a functional purpose. We previously stored lunchboxes, coolers, and similar items inside. Needless to say it really didn't get used and was a wasted space. I decided to move the tupperware and food storage items to this location. They were previously on the top self in cabinet 1. There are two shelves and I placed the food storage items in like sets on the shelf. Here is a basic idea.

food storage....

The next place I decided to change was drawer number 3. This was always the "catch all" or "junk drawer". We really don't need a junk drawer! This just gives people more reason to cram unneeded items inside! I thought it would be better to hold our food prep or easy storage items, such as: cling wrap, ziplock bags, etc. I moved those from the left side of the kitchen! We will get to that side soon!
Here is a basic idea for that drawer!

drawer...organize article

These last few cabinets on the right are still a work in progress. This is a basic idea of how I plan to leave things. I do have more dishes than what I have in the diagram, but that is just to help visualize.

kitchen...more storage

Again, each of the cabinets has three shelves and are divided in the middle.

1) I put pyrex type bows and dishes for baking.
2) I have all my mixing bowls and some serving bowls.
3) Pyrex cake pans, and casserole dishes.
4) More pyrex and baking
5) Colanders and large measuring bowl.
6) Metal cake pans and baking items.

Drawer 5 and Cabinet 6 will probably stay basically the same. There are two drawers that I labeled 5 because they are both primarily for kitchen tool storage.  The cabinet is for much larger items like roasting dishes, large pots, appliances that don't get used on a regular basis, etc.


Stay posted for the rest of the kitchen and an actual walk through of how I did mine! I hope this may help with some storage ideas!

Love and Hugs!

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