Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Face" Facts: Makeup Series Part Two : Highlight, Contour, Bronze, and Blush


Today we are going to cover the basics of highlighting, contouring, bronzers and blush. This will explain what each does and the difference it can make in your makeup routine.
blush bronzer etc


Highlighting and Contouring

The purpose of highlighting and contouring your face is to create dimension and depth. It can elongate, lengthen, thin, minimize, and accentuate your features depending on how you use it! Each face shape is different so usually you will highlight and contour based on the shape of your face. Here are a few examples :


 Round Face and Heart or Oval
*ROUND FACE* Contour to your temples, cheeks and jawline to create the illusion of an oval.        Highlight your forehead,under your eyes and your chin to draw attention to the centre of your face.

Highlighting - You can buy a "highlighting" cream or foundation type product or use lighter foundations and powders for this. I also use a white shadow for highlighting which works well. Having a white liner pencil is great too!

Contouring - Contouring can be done in steps by using a deep foundation in the "contour" areas and a dark powder or bronzer or just the powders. You can even pick up contouring compacts that come with your contour shade and a blush. Elf sells a perfect due to MAC's compact for $3.00. You can't beat that! That is an easy no fuss way to have your blush and bronzer on hand!

Another great option for everything you need is in this Coastal Scents Pallet. This is a great option if you aren't sure what shades to pick and are trying this out for the first time. Its also great to have everything you need all in one convenient compact!
Coastal Scents Contour and Blush Palette


Bronzer and Blush


Your bronzer is going to simply go in areas that should be contoured and will give you a great sunkissed glow! Just remember not to go to dark and always remember to blend!
Blush should stay on or near the apples of the cheeks depending again on your face shape. You want to make sure you pick a flattering shade that compliments your skin. Your makeup should never overpower you! You don't want to have big red circles on your cheeks or look like you have on clown makeup! Here is an excellent chart on blush placement for your face shape!
Where to Apply Blush based on share of your face.  This is very helpful for the ladies that don't usually wear makeup ;)
Here is a basic breakdown of what goes where via Too Faced:

I hope this helps with the basics. I plan on showing a few before and afters on the difference highlighting and contouring can make. Stay tuned for the next post which will cover the different face shapes and your brows!

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