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"Face" Facts : Makeup Series Part One - From Primer to Powder


Part One : From Primer to Powder

What girl or woman doesn't love makeup? I know I do! Makeup is a fun way to express yourself, and a great way to enhance your features! Today's post is going to cover basic "face" makeup. We will start with primer and work towards powder with details about each. Are you ready? Ok, lets go!

face makeup


1) Primer

Primer is your basic "pre-makeup" makeup. The purpose of a primer is to conceal any issues with uneven skin, large pores, lines, wrinkles, etc. BB and CC creams are also a good primer. These are available in almost every makeup line from your cheaper drugstore brands to expensive designer brands. Even Avon makes a primer called "Magic X" that works great too.

Most of your primers will essentially "prime" or prepare your face for the rest of your makeup routine. Each primer does the basic neutralizing function of covering, but some will specialize in certain areas like wrinkles or redness for example. Here are a few choices of primers below. You can pick up primers for as little as $3.00. Drugstore or Target prices tend to average about $8.00.



2) Concealer

A concealer does just what is says! It conceals! A concealer is a great way to cover smaller problem areas like a breakout or dark circles. In my opinion the best way to conceal dark circles is not to just apply directly under the eye, but to bring the concealer down more nearest to the nose and down the cheek. Check out the diagram below to see how I apply mine for dark circles and spot treatments!

Concealers can also be found in almost any brand. Prices start as low as $1.00 and go up. Here are a few variations below.



3) Foundations

Trust me when I say there are tons of variations to foundation! There are so many types to choose from that it can seem overwhelming! I think a lot of it is pure trial and error. You have to see what works best for you by testing them out! Check out the variety below. I did a post about a year ago and listed the various foundations. I did include concealer in this since it was in a previous post. Your powder and primer will also be on the list. This will just give a more detailed explanation. You will find foundations starting around $4.00 but Target or drugstore brands will average $8.00-$10.00.

Foundation 411
1) Cream to Powder : These come in compact style cases. They start as a creamy foundation and turn to powder on the skin. These are said to minimize oil and to last through the day. This is an easy option for those who don't like to deal with a lot of fuss with their foundation.

  2) Liquid Foundation : There are so many varieties of liquid foundation. This one is the most common. It applies smoothly and you are able to put more where it is needed. There is waterproof, smudgeproof, long lasting, oil free, skin matching, etc. If you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts stay away from the waterproof and lean towards and oil free.

  3) Powders : These are great for setting foundation and eliminating shine. Be careful as to how much you put on, because you don't want to clog pores or look like you have on a mask. If you can see it, then it's too much!

4) Mineral Foundation : These is a more natural approach to foundation. Some mineral powder can actually be good for your skin, while other's only claim to be. Mineral foundation should lightly lay on the skin. If you put on too much, or there are other additives in the product it will also look "cakey" like regular powder.

5) Whipped and Mousse Foundations: These are great because they go on smooth. They are great for aging and dry skin because they go on thin. Make sure not to over apply!

6) Concealer : This stuff can work miracles! It can hide dark circles, blemishes, and imperfections in skin. Even with concealer you want to watch your application. Putting too much will again cause "caking".

7) Tinted Moisturizer : This option is great for women who need a hint of color, but don't like the feeling of thick makeup. This is a minimal coverage option that evens skin tone and moisturizes at the same time.

4) Powder

Powder is what sets or finishes your face. It will help the primer, foundation, concealer, etc. stay on your face! It will also smooth things out and provide a more finished and polished look! Some of the varieties will include :loose powder, mineral powders, pressed powder, and even cream(liquid) to powder. Here are a few of those.


Today we covered the basics of your "face" makeup. If you have any questions or want to see swatches or demonstrations of how these products work let me know! The next post is going to cover your highlighting, contouring, blush, and bronzer! Check back for that!

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