Sunday, September 8, 2013

"Face" Facts : Six Part Makeup Series to Break it all Down!

While under my blanket and cozy in bed I had an idea..."What about a makeup series?". That's when I normally get my ideas...when I'm laying there trying to fall asleep. It seems like right before I doze off something hits me and I'm back up jotting down notes or full out writing.

I will be doing a six part series on makeup and everything you need to know. We are going to break it down! I will go into detail about all the various makeups, brands, types, etc. It's going to be great! I will try to add in a few tutorials or instructional pictorials too. I've had several emails asking various questions that I will be answering in this series.


The six part Face Facts makeup series will include :

Part 1 - From Primer to Powder: this will be everything you need to know from primers, concealers, foundations, and powders.

Part 2 - Highlighting, contouring, blushes, and bronzer.

Part 3 - Your face shape and brows

Part 4 - Eyes

Part 5 - Lips

Part 6 - Nails

Keep in mind each part will have details on what the different products do, how to use them to your benefit, tips and tricks, and more! Stay posted for part one!



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