Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your Shadow and Lipstick Guide : What Works


Makeup is meant to enhance your beauty, not cover it up. When someone looks at you they should see you, not a crazy amount of makeup that hides your features. If you want to play up your eyes, then tone down on the lips. If you want dark vibrant lips, then the eyes should appear softer.

If you have ever questioned your shadow and lip combinations here is a quick guide to help you avoid overdoing it! I know at some point all of us have run into someone caked in makeup. They may have had a deep smokey eye and some dark violet lips. Or maybe it was a Vibrant shadow combination mixed with dark coral lips. That is definitely the wrong color combination!

Don't let your makeup overpower you! Here is a quick guide to help you avoid overdoing it!

Shadow and Lip Guide

Here are some more good shade combinations:
eyes and lips

I hope this helps some! Have a fabulous day and let me know what your favorite combinations are!



  1. I like the top one, but I have trouble drawing that line. Maybe you can do a post about that??

    1. I will definitely work on a tutorial for that! Thanks for the comment!


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