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Wardrobe Staples Every Woman Should Have In Her Closet : The Basics

We all know how much I love clothes! I am always on the lookout for great pieces and amazing deals! Shopping for fashionable and statement pieces is great, but you should start with the basics! There are a few staple pieces every woman should own, and then build from there.

Your basic staple pieces are classic pieces that will never go out of style or season. These pieces are great for mixing and matching in your newer, seasonal, or more trendy items. Keep in mind I stuck with black, white, and neutrals here because they are your basics! These are the building blocks to a great wardrobe! Here are your basics:

wardrobe basics

1) Classic White Button Down - This shirt has been around for decades as a staple. This can be easily dressed up or down and is definitely a must! A classic button down will always look chic and sophisticated as long as it fits properly!

2) Your Basic Camisole - Every woman should own at least one (if not more) ! I love these easy camisoles or tanks! These are also a very versatile piece and are great for layering.

3) Black Slacks- These should always be on hand! Make sure you have a pair that fit properly and look classic. Try to go for a fit that isn't too tight or too low in the rise. These will be great to pair with a blazer for a totally pulled together look.

4) Classic V Neck Tee- What can I say? You can't go wrong with your basic V Neck. Another piece that is easily transformed with the right accessories!

5) A Sandal- Every woman should own a great pair of sandals. These shouldn't be too dressy or too   "flip-flop" casual. I would go with a basic black, brown, or nude.

6) The Perfect Jeans - You should have a pair of well fitting jeans in a darker wash. These don't have to be deep indigo or black, but they shouldn't be stonewashed either. Just make sure they aren't too low cut or tight, and try to stick with a boot cut fit for your basics.

7) Black Blazer- This should be well fitting and a classic cut. Try not to go for over the top buttons, cuts, or embellishments when picking a basic. Pair this with slacks, a skirt, or even jeans for a polished look.

8) Skirt- A well fitting skirt will always be a necessity. Make sure it fits properly and isn't too long or too short!

9) A Well Structured Black Bag - A good structured bag is a must in a basic black.

10) LBD- Every woman should own a little black dress! This is another piece that has been around forever as a wardrobe staple! This should be well fitted and not too long or short. Try a classic cut and something that isn't too low cut if you are going for a basic.

11) A Comfy Shoe- This could either be a ballet flat, mule, etc. Try to avoid the "sneaker" for a basic. These shouldn't be too casual or too dressy.

12) Ballet Flats - Basic black, brown, or neutral colors work best.

13) A Nude Pump- These will go with everything! Did I mention nude pumps will elongate the look of your leg when paired with a skirt or dress?

14) The Classic Black Pump- Every woman should own a pair! These can be worn with almost anything to dress it up or down!

15) A Brown or Nude Purse- Again this should be a well structured piece. A nude will go with anything and is a great addition to your collection. It is still a basic, but in a shade other than black. A must in my opinion!

I hope you are all having a great week so far! Check back for my jewelry and accessory basics! If you didn't see my Beauty Basics you can read that HERE!

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