Friday, August 9, 2013

No Poo Three Week Update : Back to the Basics

Ok, ok I know. I didn't make it! I tried to keep an open mind and think positively about this! I made it three weeks, then broke down and pulled out the shampoo. This method just didn't work for me. Here is why...


My hair seemed to feel brittle and I assume that was due to the baking soda. When washing my hair I like it to feel smooth and silky, not brittle and dull. The combination of the baking soda and vinegar just didn't cut it for me personally. It just didn't really feel clean, and way too much hair was breaking off!

I do like the fact that baking soda does deep clean hair and help remove excess product, so I will still use it once or twice a week in addition to my shampoo. Coconut oil will still remain a huge part in my hair care. It does some amazing things! I also use Cholesterol as an additional deep conditioner and love the effects of that as well.

I use the coconut oil and Cholesterol as a pre-wash deep conditioner. After that has time to soak in I shampoo. I will add in the baking soda to remove extra product once a week. Coconut oil helps coat hair naturally so the shampoo won't damage hair nearly as much and will also prevent breakage. I will follow with my usual conditioner, then style as usual.

What are your thoughts on this? Did you, or do you still use the "No poo" method or do you prefer regular shampoo? Do you deep condition or use baking soda to help in the shampoo process? I hope you are all having a fabulous day!


  1. I use Wen. It's a cleansing conditioner. Have you tried it?

    1. I tried a version of Wen years ago. It made my hair feel greasy. I have not actually tried Wen, so I might do that to see how it works! Thanks!

  2. I do the no poo method. I like it. Sometimes I feel like it swings one way or the other and I use a low poo option. I really like Shea moisture coco butter shampoo. It doesn't act like regular shampoo because it isn't. Honestly, hair doesn't need to be washed everyday. The no poo takes a transition period for your hair to work out all the chemicals and get used to a different system. Remember how long you have been putting chemicals on your head. It took me about 3 months to really see how my hair would behave. Also rinsing the BS out twice helps- with hot water. Then you should do a cooler rinse. The vinegar can make your hair greasy so I don't always use it, mostly just on the ends.


Thanks for your sweet comments! They are much appreciated, and I love reading every single one of them!