Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How to Clean Your Purse Like A Pro for Less

From Coach and Michael Kors to Nine West and Guess we all have accidents with our handbags. Somehow ink stains or everyday use will cause us to loose our cool when we think we have ruined our bags. Today I'm going to tell you how to clean your bag like a pro for a tiny fraction of the cost!


Materials :
Shoe Cleaner and a cloth! Yep, that's it!  I like the shoe cleaner that has the bristles on the cap. These can be picked up at most shoe stores and Target. This is a much more affordable option than expensive handbag cleaners and professional cleaning! This will do the exact same thing and for a fraction of what you would spend elsewhere! Trust me, I've been there and done that! This also has a built in protector so it will help prevent new stains from setting in! Great, huh?

Step One:

Grab your bag and turn it inside out. Make sure the inside lining is now on the outside. This will make it much easier to clean. Make sure you have your cleaner and your washcloth. I use the washcloth to wipe away the excess after scrubbing!  This is a handbag I am cleaning for a friend and it definitely needed some work!


Step Two:

Once your bag is ready start spraying the cleaner on the fabric. Most will foam up like this one.

If you have tougher spots or ink stains you will want to let the foam sit for a few minutes. Then start scrubbing with the bristle top that is included with the cleaner. If you don't have one with this type of lid a regular scrub brush or toothbrush will work too!

The bottom of the liner looks pretty rough!

Step Three:

After you have scrubbed (didn't take pictures of that part unfortunately, but you know how to scrub!) wipe the remainder off and leave inside out to dry. The bag shouldn't take more than a few hours to dry out, and you should end up with a handbag that is good as new!

I didn't actually intend to post these pictures or write about cleaning a handbag, but after showing my friend decided it might be a good idea. If I would have thought about this sooner I would have taken more detailed pictures of an actual tutorial for you! No worries, I have several more handbags that need to be renewed! If you have any questions feel free to email me or comment below!
Have a fabulous day and let me know how well yours turns out!



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  1. Can u clean a canvas Micheal Kors purse this way?


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