Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Insta Update and the 411

Wow! Where does the time go? Since I started working outside the house a few months ago it seems I never have time for anything! My schedule stays full! I will say that I love being back in the public working again, but miss the extra time I had to work on projects at home! I did take a few quick snaps via Instagram over the past couple months, so I thought I would share those today!

I am working on opening another boutique soon and will keep you all informed on those plans! It will take some time, but that is my goal! Being back in the public has made me miss my store more and more! So stay tuned for all my exciting new plans, updates, pictures, and more!

Left to right top to bottom: 1) Metal stairs 2) nails 3) matching toes 4) outside with my cropped black pants 5) coffee cup 6) elephant socks 7) coral nails with mint green floral accent nail 8) work hair 9) pink, blk and white chevron, and silver glitter nails 10) little Penny 11) coffee 12) dinner 13) me 14) picture of link from Zelda that my 12 year old son drew 15) nautical striped espadrilles 16) Evan's presents 17) me in my yellow floral watercolor top 18) hot pink Michael Kors bag my husband surprised me with nice and gift wrapped 19) teal ankle pants 20) love my bracelets 21) parking lot at work royal blue skinnies and white ankle wrap sandals.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday! I am going to try to take advantage of my day off!


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