Friday, April 5, 2013

Ever Evolving Hair

Some friends and I were talking about my constantly evolving hair! I have never been afraid of drastic cuts or changing the color. This probably started when I was about 16. That was the first time I cut off about 16 inches at once! I am a fan of change! In the last year and a half I haven't gone too drastic, but there were some very noticeable changes! I thought I would share those with you guys! Which look is your favorite?

1) Summer 2011- wavy
2) October 2011- chopped off with an A line cut
3) End 2011- went darker
4) 2012- this was Halloween lol...growing longer and a redish brown.
5) 2013- lighter and growing again

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! Happy Friday!!




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