Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's Been A While! Update and Quick DIY

Wow! I haven't had time to write in quite a while! Life has so many twists and turns and for a while I don't think I knew which way was up! Things are beginning to settle (I hope) so I should be able to get back to my writing, projects, tips, etc!

October and November were super busy and several things changed in my life. At times it was a struggle, but I am slowly making my way back up.October was nuts! I turned thirty! Yikes!! I did post several things up until mid October but then life got busy! November was filled with craziness and mostly revolved around the kids! Thanksgiving was nice and spent with family and close friends...then there was Black Friday shopping!

I will admit that this year was my first big Black Friday shopping event. I went nuts! I shopped for a solid 10 hours! Most of those hours were spent standing in lines, but I did get some great deals and finished most of my Christmas shopping that day! Whoo-hoo!

This month has been very stressful so far...VERY. My husband broke my camera and of course I was not happy about that AT ALL! The next day the wireless router broke and the Internet was down. On top of that my husband almost died while working on a car. Yes, you heard me...

Ty was working on a car and was trying to lower the jacks. He was laying on the ground under the car (on his side) when the jack collapsed and the car fell crushing him under it. I heard a terrible noise and ran to see what had happened. Thank God my oldest son followed behind me. By the grace of God Bay and I were able to lift (yes we actually picked up that car) it off of him and pull him out.

We took him to the hospital and again by the grace of God he only had minor injuries. He cracked a rib and dislocated his rotator on his shoulder. The doctors said he should heal just fine. They also said if it wasn't for me and Bay pulling it off of him he would have been dead. Amazing! Here is a hospital pic I couldn't resist taking once he was home safe : ). Poor thing!

So now that all the drama and mess are over I am looking forward to things getting back to normal and better than ever! Enough with the bad stuff!

As I mentioned I haven't had time to do much for myself or too many "fun" projects but I thought I'd share this quick one with you! Don't worry I still have tons of DIY's to share,but that will have to wait until after Christmas! I don't want everyone to get hints on what they are getting!!!


I found this old table style jewelry box and of course it was FREE! I decided I was going to do a little revamping and turn it into a makeup vanity (super girly style). Here are the pics!!

First we sanded the wood (my hubby and son helped)

Then I had to pull out all the ugly red felt liner

After that It was time to paint and reline the drawers... I should have taken pics before it had makeup in it lol...then again I didn't have a camera at the time!

Super girly pink with black vine design

Of course I had to use my "froo froo" jar to hold my brushes! I made this a while back but it worked for what I wanted.

Super easy and super fast...not my best work by far, but I used everything I had on hand and didn't have to buy a thing! Total cost...FREE!!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous December so far! I will do my best to get back to my regular posts! Don't forget to check back for all the DIY projects and gift ideas I have coming up!



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  1. oh my!!! so glad hes ok!!!! n love love love the table!!!


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