Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Getting Organized : A Few Tips

I always try to keep things organized, but sometimes when life throws you a curve ball things get a bit out of sorts. I will admit that I am not as organized as I was (I hope that will change). I do still maintain several of my organizational traits even though things aren't quite what I would like them to be. Here are a few

1) My Closet

I keep my closet color organized and style organized. By this I mean I have all my tops in sections from long sleeved, short sleeved, dressy, casual, etc. My jeans also go from light to dark. It may seem a bit over the top, but this makes things easier for me! I can look in my closet and see what I have rather than have to rummage around looking for something to wear. It may take a little while to first organize it they way you like, but once its done it is so easy to keep it that way. When the laundry is done put it back where it belongs. It's no harder to put a shirt with a matching color than it is to just shove it in the closet. In the long run it saves so much time

2) Lists

I have lists for everything. I have always done this, and I do mean always! I keeps lists to make sure I know what I need to do, and to make sure I don't forget anything! My mom always laughed at me for this when I was little. She said she would find my lists all over the house. Making a list also helps you stay on track and can help save time. Look at grocery shopping for example. If you have a list when you get to the store you can easily grab the items you need rather than go up and down every isle wondering if you forgot something. If you aren't big on writing lists use your phone, i-pad, or other service to keep track.

3) Calendar/Day Runner/Planner

 I don't know how people live without using a calendar. I must look at mine ten times a day. Along with my lists I have short and simple notes (usually one or two words) on the calendar as reminders for other tasks. This helps keep track of future things that need to get done, birthdays, appointments, etc. This is better than just writing something down on a loose piece of paper and losing it. At least if it is on the calendar you will know where to find it!

4) Post It Notes

Like I said before, I love my lists! I use post it notes on my inspirational board to keep track of ideas, plans, projects, etc. I do this when I don't have a day or time I need to do them. When I finish a project I take down the note. I also do this to remind myself to ask my kids or husband questions, or to remind myself to do something.

These are just a few things I do to keep some parts of my life organized! Now if I could get everyone else in the house to clean up and change a few things our house wouldn't look like a tornado hit it! We will work on that one step at a time! I plan to get the family more involved in the organizing and cleaning process! I want to do an overhaul on our house! We will see how things go!



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