Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facts About Me : More to Know

I started a series a few weeks ago on Facts About Me. I started with five random facts and have posted each week a few more things. Here are this weeks random facts about me!

I used to hate apple pie, but LOVE it now!

I wouldn't even eat apple pie (really any pie) until about a year ago, and now I cant get enough! Apple pie is now one of my favorites!

I drink a lot of coffee!

I have always been a coffee drinker! From iced coffee to hot coffee I love it all. I usually drink at least (if not   more) four or five cups a day!

I'm Scared of Freddie Kruger. The original version.

What can I say? I am a grown woman who still (yes still) has nightmares about the scary man with the freaky razor knife fingers. I would post a picture of him like I do with all my other facts, but I would rather not look at him! I have seen all the movies, but something about him creeps me out! Yuck!

I love Kevin Smith Movies!

From Clerks to the recent Zack and Miri ages I have seen them all.Kevin Smith's movies crack me up. I can remember watching Mallrats as a teenager and I still love it!

I was adopted.

I was adopted. I was five days old when my mom adopted me. I met my biological parents when I was 17. My biological mother married my biological father so I also have two younger sisters. I lived 5 minutes away from them my entire life. We now (all of us) have a very close relationship! A question I get often is if I consider them my parents. The answer is no! My mother (mom) is the lady who adopted me and no one else! She is who raised me, gave me my name, and did everything under the sun for me. She is my only mom!
That would be mom and me (5 days old) the day they brought me home! Below is last Christmas at her house. She was cooking dinner : )

 I hope everyone is having a wonderful and productive day! What is a random fact about you? I would love to hear it! Leave it in the comment section!



  1. That's a very remarkable life story! Thanks for sharing this personal part of your life. And great to read that you give your mother the recognition she deserves. xoxo

  2. Love this post, thank you for sharing it! Your mom must be so proud of you, and your biological mom must be so proud of your mom, because you are a great person, and that's because of yur mom!

  3. I follow you with Bloglovin too!(15)
    Want us to follow with GFC and G+? let me know...

  4. it's okay Brandi, i'm 24 and I'm still terrified of Chucky so I feel you hahaha :P

  5. Thank you for sharing these interesting facts :) I am with you on the coffee addiction!



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