Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day to Night : Quick and Easy Transformations

I love doing day to night looks. Some of us don't have time to do a complete outfit overhaul from our day look to our night look. Here are a couple easy changes from a day to a night look.

Day to Night Transformation

Day to night 2

Day to night 2 by flairbybrandi featuring lbd dresses

The first look I used jeans, a ruffle tank, and a blazer for a business casual look. Then turned it into a flirty and fun night out look. The second look is more business professional to sophisticated evening.

You can easily transform your look by adding pieces or taking pieces away. Most of the time your evening clutch bag will fit inside your day bag! Simply taking off a blazer and changing shoes can make a huge impact!  

I will be doing a day to night makeup tutorial soon! Check back and don't miss it!

Happy Tuesday : )



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  1. Wow, cool post!

  2. I would take on any one of these looks! Great ideas! Thank you!


  3. Great post and ideas on how to convert the same outfit for a different occasion.

  4. i like it! it is so good idea the look that we wear at night too!




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