Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday's Trend: Super Sparkle Nails

Who said craft glitter is just for crafts? I decided to turn mine into some super shiny glam nail polish that is sure to catch any ones eye! Check it out!

I started with a very light coat of Pure Ice pink polish just enough to cover my nail.

Then I grabbed my bottle of craft glitter! I poured out some of the pink in a little bowl and added a dab of clear polish just to hold the glitter on! I wanted to coat my entire nail in glitter to add major sparkle!

After I let the glitter dry I put a coat of the Sally Hanson "Ice Queen" on top and WOW! What a shine! This is so much more sparkly than in the pictures, but I love it!

A close up of a few nails. It still doesn't begin to show the actual shine!

I will definitely be trying glitter designs on more of my manicures! Check back for new designs and ideas!

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