Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cotton Candy Eyes and Chalk Dyed Hair

I have seen quite a few things on hair chalking and decided I would give it a try. I didn't go get special chalk, I just used the extra Easter egg chalk we had leftover! I do think actual pastel chalk would have worked much better, but this did show color! I plan on trying it again when I pick up some chalk from the craft store.

In addition to my attempt at hair chalking I decided to do a cotton candy eye today. I used my new shade of Rimmel called "Posh Peacock" and a shade of bright pink. Check it out!

~ Here are the Easter Egg Chalks!

~ I did it on wet hair since my hair is a dark blonde. I twisted a few strands and rubbed the chalk over them.

~ I used a few different colors, but the pink turned out the best and darkest! I made sure to brush out the excess chalk!

~ Here is my cotton candy eyeshadow look!

~ I used the blue on the top and pink on the lid. I blended the two in the crease and used a neutral by my brow bone.
~ I added a bit of black liquid liner and some mascara to complete the look.

~Here's the eyes and hair together!!

Hope you enjoyed!!


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