Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY: Revamp Old Clothes

Today I had more fun taking the old and making it new. I revamped two shirts and one dress. This is a fun and easy way to change your wardrobe! You may have something old that you love the pattern on, but the item itself is out of date. An easy fix it to personalize it and change it into something new. Here are a few of the items I did today! Hope you enjoy!

Old Guns N Roses T-Shirt. I loved them growing up! I am not big on wearing T-Shirts out and I can't say a T is much of a fashion statement!

I cut off the sleeves, cut the neckline, and cropped the T about 4 inches. A cute scoop neck tank! Great to layer with another tank under!

This was an old dress. The bottom half of the dress is shown in the picture. The dress needed a makeover!

 I cut the bottom off the dress and turned it into a pair of high waist shorts. They are on a dress form, so its hard to see how they would actually fit. I really liked how they turned out! PS: This is the first pair of shorts I ever made!! Did I mention I didn't use a pattern either?

A plain white V-neck top. The bottom hem was coming apart, so I decided it was time for a transformation.

I cut off the sleeves, cut the neckline, and tied some extra material to the straps. I also added some rhinestones for some shine. The bottom of the shirt (that I also cut off) was turned into a belt for my new high waist shorts!

Hope you liked todays projects! I had fun making them! Check back soon for more refashions of clothes, jewelry, furniture, and more!!

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  1. wonderful! I love trasforming old clothes in a new one! follow you blog, take care and follow me if you want:)


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