Thursday, April 19, 2012

DIY : Easy Bangle Bracelets

I came across this idea when I used all of the ribbon on one of my spools! It was perfect bracelet size, so why not make a bracelet? This is a super cheap and fun way to create different colors and styles of bangles! The more you have the more you can make, and stackable bracelets are in right now!

Here are the spools I had. Once it was empty it was time to get started on my bracelets! You can use ribbon or extra fabric from your other craft projects! I used the fabric from some other DIY projects featured on my blog!

The picture was blurred, but this is the empty spool once the top paper was removed. Here you can see you are left with a circular piece of hard cardboard.

Here are a few of my finished bracelets. The blue is an old dress tie, the floral is a shirt I turned into a spring tote bag, and the pink is another old shirt. The bottom is a cuff bracelet made with a dress I turned into shorts.

Hope you enjoyed and have fun making your own bangle bracelets!!

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