Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Strand Saver Review

I was browsing through the beauty and hair section at a local KMart a few weeks ago and stumbled across this Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Strand Saver. I ended up leaving without it, but totally regretted it! The next several trips to Target, the drugstore, and walmart were unsuccessful because I couldn't find this strand saver anywhere! I ended up browsing Ulta and there it was! I was super excited to find it, so of course I wasn't leaving without it! It has now been about two weeks, so I'm here to give you my review!



Product Info

This is Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Strand Saver Anti-Breakage Spray. It is a new product that says it can help with falling and breaking hair. The bottle states that it has "energizing caffine, fortifying biotin, and fruit vitamins. It also says it conditions and reinforces hair and scalp to prevent breakage. It also says that it is proven to perform.

I purchased mine at Ulta for $5.99.


The bottle stats to hold 6-8 inches from hair and spray evenly throughout damp or dry hair. After this you are to massage into your scalp for one minute and not rinse.

My Opinion

I have been using this daily for almost two weeks. I think the product smells nice. It isn't a strong overpowering smell, but it does have a light scent. It is somewhat a sweet or fruity smell. The packaging is very simple, but gives a good description of the product. Overall I think it works great as a detangler and gives hair a smooth finish. It does make hair softer and I can say that it does seem to be working. I have noticed less hair falling and less in my brush.

I have followed the directions on the bottle for every use. I can't say that it has made some huge difference, but again I can tell that there is less fall out. I am happy with the purchase and definitely think it's worth the $5.99. I would recommend that you try it yourself and would love to hear if your results vary from mine or if you notice a huge improvement.

The bottle does suggest that you use the Fall Fight spray with the recommended similar shampoo and conditioning products. I am currently using another brand for my shampoo and conditioner, so maybe combining the three would show better results. I plan to continue using this and I will keep you posted if the results change!

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