Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Fill in Brows Tutorial : Part One - Using a Gel and Powder Duo

In my opinion your makeup is not complete until your brows are filled in! Filling in brows and grooming them can totally transform your makeup look. I think it gives a more polished and complete look! Here is a quick  picture tutorial on using a gel and powder duo. I will do a part two with your basic brow pencil as well.

1) Grab your tools! For this tutorial I am going to use a gel and powder duo from elf cosmetics. You can pick this up for under $4.00! It comes with a dual brush inside, but I'm also going to use a brow brush from Avon. I am also using a brow comb.
2) This is the before picture! Nothing is on my brows yet!
3) Dip your brush in your brow gel. You don't need a lot. It goes on very well and has great coverage.
4) I start at the inner part of my brow and work my way to the outer side. I am doing the bottom of the brow area first.
5) Working toward the middle of the brow.
6) This shows the outer edge. The outside of the brow is going to be thinner than the inside.
7) I tapered off the end and made sure it was where it needed to be as far as length. You definitely don't want to make your brows appear too long! Be careful of that! You should have a defined brow area.
8) Using my brush and gel I am going to start working on the top of the inner part of my brow. Make sure you don't go too high!
9) After that I will define the brow and make sure the brow shape is where I want it to be!
10) Once your shape or outline is complete you are going to want to fill in the sparse areas with the gel. Again a little goes a long way!
11) To set the gel I used the powder that was included in my duo. I am using the included applicator for this step. Just dab the bush in the powder and pat onto the brow area.
12) After I have finished with the brow duo I like to use a brow comb to finish grooming my brows. The brush side will help eliminate any gel that is too "thick" looking or any "clumpy" areas.  You can also use a clear brow gel or setting gel (looks like a clear mascara) to hold thicker brows into place! I skipped this step today.
Below step 12 shows a filled brow versus a non filled brow. Can you see the difference it makes??
Viola! The completed look.
Stay tuned for part two of my brow tutorial when I show you how to fill brows using a pencil! Its super easy!!
I hope you are all having a fabulous week!


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