Thursday, October 31, 2013

e.l.f Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths Review

Last week on one of my beauty hauls I picked up e.l.f's makeup remover cleansing cloths. I  heard that they were pretty good, so I decided that I would test them myself! These were super affordable, in fact, all e.l.f. products are! The question is do they work?

Packaging :

The e.l.f cleansing cloths come in a black baby wipe style package with a pop open dispenser. This is literally identical to a baby wipe packaging. It is very easy to pull out the wipe and convenient.


Each packet will include 20 ready to use cloths.


These cleansing cloths state that they will easily cleans skin and will remove all traces of makeup and dirt including waterproof mascara. They also state that they will work on any skin types including sensitive skin. They are infused with Aloe Vera Extract to add hydration and moisture.
In my opinion they did do a good job removing makeup. I have used them 3 different times lately with a regular makeup look, a dark smoky eye, and with waterproof mascara. Each time it easily removed my makeup.
These cloths do leave a "moisturized" feel to your skin. It feels almost like a cream was applied. I wouldn't use this as your only cleansing before bed though! I do recommend it as a makeup remover, but you will still definitely want to cleanse your face as normal. I have combination to oily skin and felt that the extra moisturizers would be great for dryer skin. On the other hand if you tend to wear a good bit of makeup some removers do tend to dehydrate skin, so using these moisturizing remover cloths would be a bonus and would help put back that moisture.

Overall :

I would give it an A! I will definitely keep these on hand for easy makeup removal and to touch up minor makeup mistakes! They don't need a lot of elbow grease to use in removing your makeup and are definitely gentle on skin. This is also very budget friendly at under $3.00 per bag of 20. I say give them a try!

These opinions are mine. I was not paid to review or try this product by any company.
Stay tuned for my October favorites video post and the review of my Erin Condren Life Planner! It was shipped yesterday and I am still waiting patiently to arrive at my door! Aaah! I can't wait to share it with you guys! Happy Halloween!

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