Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Face" Facts :Makeup Series Part Three - Your Face Shape and Eyebrows


Today we are going to discuss eyebrows! Some people aren't aware that your eyebrows are big focal point of your face, but they are! When applying your makeup remember they need attention too! Your brows essentially frame your face and the shape and maintenance of your brows are important. You want to make sure your brows compliment your face, not overpower you.  
When applying your makeup don't forget that a complete look includes the brows! It is important to make sure they are filled in and groomed ! There are quite a few different products to choose from when grooming your brows. These can include pencils, gels, powders, and even combinations of those products.
I fill my brows with a blonde pencil, smooth with a brush, and set with a powder. A clear brow gel is also a good option for perfectly groomed brows! Here are a few of those products :


I prefer a natural looking brow that isn't too thick or too thin. I have never been a fan of those huge 80's bushy eyebrows or those crazy pencil thin ones! Here are several brow shapes. Do you see one that resembles yours?

When picking your brow shape it is also important to consider what will work best for your face. This chart shows a variety of face shapes and explains why the specific brow shapes are chosen for each face. Keep in mind this is just a guide. What works on some people doesn't for others. Many people will have much trial and error over the years perfecting their look and this includes eyebrows! I must admit I had my own "eyebrow issues" years ago...I'm talking no eyebrows just think pencil lines! Not a great look for me I assure you!

Check out these celebrity photos to see who has what shape. Below the shape will also give several more celebs with the same shaped brows.
eyebrow shapes
Stay tuned for our next post that will cover eyes! We will discuss shadows, liners, mascara and all in between. If you have any other questions about brows or want more detail on how to achieve your proper brow look let me know! I plan on doing a quick tutorial on filling in your brows soon! I hope you are all having a fabulous week so far!

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