Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fix Broken Makeup or Create a Custom Shade: 5 Step DIY

How many times have you ended up with a broken compact or shadow? I have countless times! How about your favorite shadow quad and one of the shades gets crushed? Most of us have experienced this on more than one occasion.

If broken makeup isn't your issue, how about finding that perfect shade of bronzer, blush, or powder? What about mixing shadows to create your signature shade? This is such a simple process and I'm going to show you how today in a few quick and easy steps!

Today I decided to work with some blush. I had a bronzer that wasn't quite deep enough to do the trick and a blush that wasn't a match either. I mixed the two together and was happy with the end result! Here's how to do it!

What you need:

Old blush, bronzer, powder, or whatever you decide to work with.
Something to mix and crush (old spoon, plastic knife, etc)
Isopropyl Alcohol
A container or compact

Step One:

Grab your broken makeup

Step Two:

Combine your makeup in one bowl or tin.

Step Three:

Grab your utensil and get to crushing that makeup! Try to get it as powdery as possible.

Step Four:

Put your new powdered mixture in a tin of your choice and grab the Isopropyl Alcohol. Mixing a small amount of alcohol to the powder will make it smooth and moldable. The bonus is all the alcohol evaporates and is totally safe to use in makeup!


Step Five:

Add the alcohol until the mixture is able to be smoothed and no powder is left. Just use enough so that it is pliable and moldable. Don't worry if you use a little too much, because it will evaporate! Then try to smooth it out and let dry overnight!
That's it! All you have to do is wait until the next morning and check out your new fab personalized shade or fixed compact! It is easy as that!

Here is a quick color swatch of the new shade! I wish I would have taken this in natural light, but I am happy with the results! The flash from the camera almost makes this a bit more pink than the natural light would have shown, but no worries! I will do a fun makeup look to follow this and my next post with the full look!
Check my upcoming post on creating fun eye shadow shades from those broken shades that you haven't thrown away yet! This is going to get interesting! Keep in mind you can do this with almost any of your powder based makeup! Who's ready to try this out?
Don't miss the next few posts on transforming old makeup! Hope you are all having a fabulous weekend!
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