Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 12 of the No Poo Challenge

Well, I am currently 12 days into my "No Poo" challenge. I won't say that everyday has been amazing, but I have noticed a lot of good.

At first I really wondered if this cleansing method was actually going to work, but it has. My hair seems much more manageable, although there was a day or two that I felt like I had straw for hair. That was because I over did the baking soda and under did the vinegar. Easy fix!

Most of the time I tend to wear my hair up. I have been trying to leave it down more since I am testing this method out. I also try not to brush through it while it is wet, because hair tends to break more while wet. I have always had a good bit of hair come out while brushing, and that hasn't seemed to change yet. I am still debating all of this, but don't plan to give up yet.

I know it takes time for your hair to get used to this method, and I am only twelve days in. It seems healthy and looks fine. It hasn't been oily or dirty looking at all. It shines and seems very manageable. I was disappointed when I brushed my hair and still had a good bit come out, but again this is a new process. Don't get me wrong I didn't lose a chunk of hair or anything! If that had been the case I would seriously be worried!

I am still testing this theory and doing more research, but here are the day twelve "No Poo" pictures! What do you think so far? This is without any product or styling. Just natural air dried hair!


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