Monday, October 1, 2012

Yummy Caviar Nails: Get the 411 on This Trend and Review of Donna Michelle's Caviar

Caviar nails first appeared last fall during the Cushnie et Ochs' runway show. They wanted a more glam and edgy look with lots of texture. After this look appeared on the runway Ciate, a popular nail polish brand from the UK, thought they would make achieving this look much easier. Since then this trend has taken off, and several other brands have picked up on making their version of this nail embellishment! Getting this look is actually much easier than you think, and is considered a "beginners" look. For all you polish fans without much "artsy" ability, this look will be easy to achieve.
Nail Caviar

Nail Caviar by flairbybrandi featuring a nail care

Here are a few photos from the Cushnie et Ochs' runway show.

Check out this quick how to I found from Madame Noire. See how easy this is?

How to Caviar

On one of my quick mini makeup hauls I came across these cute mini bottles of nail caviar and foils from Donna Michelle. The price...$1.00 each. I couldn't resist! I finally had a few minutes to do a quick manicure and wanted to try them out. Everyone says how quick and easy they are, so I decided I would test the theory myself!

Here is the package the mini bottles of nail caviar came in. There are 8 different colors including: light pink, teal blue, white, hot pink, red, mint green, yellow/gold, and navy blue.

 I just tested out Maybellines Color Show Metallics in Bold Gold, so I went with the yellow gold color..
 Pour on the caviar...

Once you have covered your nail pat beads down. This is before I smoothed them out.
The finished look


It actually turned out pretty good. These pictures were not taken in natural light, so the flash on the camera did distort the picture some. I plan to take more pictures when the sun is actually shining.

My thoughts...

I think these are a fun way to add texture to any manicure. They were easy to use, but when you pour the caviar beads onto your nail it does make a mess! You need to do this over a plate in order to catch the excess pieces, otherwise you will find these tiny colorful embellishments all over your house! So the question here...are these little bottles of nail caviar worth it? The answer :yes! Who wouldn't pay $1.00 for a fun textured manicure! Try them and let me know what you think!



  1. Such a great find! That's a way better price than the Ciate ones!


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