Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Wrong Way to Get Followers : Being Fake and What I think...

Ok, there has been quite a few things going around various sites. Bloggers will message you and start the speech about how they will follow you and to please follow them back. Fine. I will follow a blog ONLY if I like it and intend to read it. If a blog has good and interesting posts I have no problem with this. After all we should spread the word about our blogs, but not totally harass someone.

Now bloggers are sending these messages and following you via GFC or Bloglovin, etc. They wait on you to follow back and then delete and unfollow you. What's the point? These people lie to you in order to raise their numbers. Half these people don't even care about the quality of their posts. They are just trying to keep their follower numbers up.

If that is the way you feel you need to get followers in my opinion something isn't right. Shouldn't people actually follow you because they like what you write about or because you have great outfit posts and unique style? I blog because I enjoy it. I do it because I love sharing my opinions, giving helpful tips, doing fun projects, and sharing various other things. Some days the posts are short, and others they are long. Either way I do put thought into what I write. I don't think it's a joke I have a general love for writing.

With others it seems to be a popularity contest or who can get the most followers. It takes time to build your followers. It's not something that happens over night. You shouldn't "bribe" people and lead them to believe that you actually like and want to follow them when you only want your own numbers raised.

I just thought I would have a mini vent sesh! I can't stand "fake" people! This is something that has gotten on my nerves for years. I blogged years ago, but due to several life situations I stopped. I started this blog less than a year ago, and have no intentions of ever stopping.

My basic point to this is people should just be honest! In ALL aspects, not just blogging or other personal promotion stuff. Remember that saying...."honesty is the best policy"? Keep that in mind and you will go much farther in life!




  1. Well said! Thank you! Another pet peeve of mine is when I regularly comment on someone's blog and she doesn't have the decency to EVER comment back. Eventually I just stop commenting.

  2. I agree with you on that too! I understand not every comment can be replied to, but when you never ever get any kind of response it's just rude!

  3. I fell the exact same way! I hate comments that say 'good post .. here's a lot of crap about my blog please go follow me'.
    I love getting new followers and comments but I really hate those types!
    I mean I always put my link on my comments but I dont tell people to follow me. And I like it when people do just leave their linka nd say no more!
    Brilliant post x
    Hannah x


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