Saturday, September 1, 2012

T-Shirt Transformation : Plain Tee to Chevron Tie Front Top No Sew DIY

Yes, you guessed it! This is another T-shirt transformation! By now you all know how much I love to revamp the plain and make it more fun! This DIY tells you how to turn a plain t-shirt into a tie front chevron print top. Below the picture are easy to follow instructions so you can make your own tie front tee!
T-shirt transformation: Chevron Tie front top

Supplies :
Tape (masking or painters tape is best)
Fabric Paint, Iron on design, etc (if you want a plain tee skip this!)
How To:
1) Start with a t-shirt. Plain works best if you want to add a design, decal, transfer, or patch of any type. This works best if the shirt is about a size larger than you normally wear, but as long as the shirt isn't tight it will work fine!
2) Tape your pattern on your shirt.
3)Once your apply your paint, decal, design, etc. let it dry. The fabric paint I used said to allow four hours to dry.
4) Once your design is finished cut the front of the shirt. You don't want to cut the back yet! Right now just focus on the tie!
5) Cut the front a few inched from the bottom across both sides. Stop at the mid point as shown in the picture. From there cut down at an angle. This will form a triangle shape.
6) Cut the "V" or triangle shape in the middle forming two sides.
7) Cut the neckline and sleeves at your desired length and shape. It's best to stretch the cut parts on the shirt to form a rolled look. Now tie the front!
8) You're all done! Put on your new top and rock it!


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