Friday, August 31, 2012

T-Shirt Transformation : Plain Tee to Fab Off The Shoulder Top

Have you noticed my fascination with tee shirt transformations lately? I have been doing quite a few of them! Some of my transformations haven't been shown yet, so keep an eye out! Last week I showed you how to turn a plain tee into a cute skirt. If you haven't seen it yet check it out HERE! This was one of my Lucky contributions! You can view those HERE!

I love taking something plain and "boring" and turning it into something fun and unique! This is such a simple way of showing you own sense of style with a touch of flair! Here is my T-Shirt transformation! Check below the picture for a quick how to!

How To:

1) Grab a plain t-shirt.
2) Decide on your design. Hearts, stars, quotes, it's totally up to you!
3) Tape or place your decal where you want the design to be. I decided to do stripes at a slant.
4) Grab your fabric paint. These are really affordable and can be picked up at any craft store.
5) Start painting! I waited about 5 minutes and added a second coat where needed.
6) I wanted to add an anchor, so I put the decal on top of my stripes. I wanted to slant the anchor the way I slanted the stripes.
7) Paint some more!
8) Remove your decals, tape, etc and let your shirt dry for about 4 hours. I waited until the next day.
9) I cut the collar off my shirt to make an off the shoulder style top.
10) Wear it!

How easy was that? I have several more upcoming DIY projects and ton's of great new fashion and style posts! Will you be making your own transformed tee?


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