Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Beauty at Home : The Household Beauty Kit

We all want to look and feel our best, but sometimes beauty products and treatments can get pricey! Here are 20 tips on using household products to add to or replace your existing items! These are great quick fixes and fun ideas to try, and several of these item's you probably already have on hand! Which one's will you be trying?

Beauty At Home

1. Dryer sheets : Gently rub a dryer sheet across your hair to reduce fly away's! This is a super fast and quick fix for taming those unmanageable strands!

2. Lemon's: Use this fruit's juice to whiten nails or add subtle highlights to hair.
By soaking finger tips in a bowl of lemon juice you can remove polish stains with ease! To add highlights simply spritz a mixture of lemon juice and water on hair before going outside. The sun mixed with the lemon juice will add subtle highlights to your hair.

3. Strawberries: Use these to whiten teeth or in a mixture with sour cream to fight acne!

Gently rub strawberries on your teeth to whiten. These are actually great to remove plaque because the seeds scrub away the gunk! Mash strawberries and sour cream and apply to skin to help fight acne. Leave the mixture on your face for 5-10 minutes and rinse with water.


4. Toothpaste : Use toothpaste to spot treat breakouts! Make sure you are using paste and not the gel. Apply to trouble spots and leave on over night!

5. Egg yolk: Use egg yolk and olive oil to strengthen damaged hair. Leave on 5-10 minutes then wash out.


6. Tissue paper: Tissue paper is generally used for packaging gifts, but another great use is absorbing excess oil! Use tissue paper as an inexpensive blotting paper! Stick to white sheets to avoid color dye's from getting on your skin!


7. Honey: Use this sweet treat as a moisturizer! Many people with sensitive skin have found that by slathering honey on their skin then rinsing off you get great moisture without side effects.


8. Flat Iron : Don't have time to pull out the iron to get rid of those unwanted creases on your shorts or between buttons on your shirt? Grab your flat iron and go over your clothes for a quick fix to the problem!


9. Baby powder: This stuff is great for de-greasing hair or eliminating smells in shoes!

Be careful when putting in your hair! You don't want to put too much or you will look like you dunked your hair in flour! A small amount goes a long way! Just apply a small amount on the roots and make sure you get out the excess! Sneakers need to be freshened? Pour a small amount in your shoes for a quick fix.


10. Baking soda: Blackhead remover, burn soother...this stuff is great! Most of us already have this on hand!

 Add a tablespoon of baking soda and salt to your gel face wash and apply to blackhead pone spots. Leave on for 5-10 minutes then wash off! Baking soda is also a great way to relieve sunburn or curling iron burns! Did I mention this stuff also whitens teeth, cleanses hair, and helps eliminate odor?


11.Nail polish : Grab your clear polish to help stop hosiery from running or to secure buttons by placing on loose thread.


12. Clear tape: This is a great way to apply eye makeup evenly, removing dead skin, or adding designs to your nails!

Place the tape at the outward corner of your eye and up towards your eyebrow bone for the perfect angle. Place tape on your lips then remove to rid yourself of dead skin cells. Tape on nails is endless! You can cut pieces of tape in shapes and apply to the nail, then paint over the desired area. Remove the tape and voila! You have a cool design! You can also paint the tape, cut lines, shapes, etc. and apply to your nail. Top with clear coat and you have instant nail decals!


13. Vinegar : Placing a small cup on vinegar anywhere you want to get rid of fly's! Great for cookouts! Vinegar is also great to clean with! 


14. Conditioner: Did you run out of shaving cream? No problem! Hair conditioner is a great moisturizing shave gel replacement! Try it!


15. Coffee: Have I mentioned I love coffee! I probably drink entirely too much, but that's not the point! Did you know you can use coffee to darken your hair? It's also a great exfoliator!

 To darken hair simply make a strong pot of coffee. Let the pot cool then pour onto hair. Massage into hair and leave on 15 to 30 minutes before rinsing. Use your coffee grinds to massage into skin for a great smelling body scrub!


16. Cucumber: Cucumber is great for eliminating puffy eyes!


17. Bottom of the bottle Oil Free Face Cream/Lotion : Don't throw away the last little bit of your facial lotions or creams! Take your cream and mix with your foundation to make your own tinted moisturizer!


18. Vaseline: Great for lips! Make your own amazing glosses!

If you have lipstick that's at the bottom of the tube scoop out and heat up. Pour the melted lipstick in a small container and mix with a little Vaseline to make a shimmery version of your favorite shade! You can also take Vaseline and mix with kool-aid or other powder mixes to create fruity tinted glosses!


19.  Banana's: Mash these up and apply on your skin for moisturizer! Great for sensitive skin! Rinse off after 5-10 minutes!


20. Preparation H : Yes, I know. This is a great cream to apply to red puffy skin! This stuff is a great spot treatment! Just apply to skin using the same method you would with your other face/eye creams! It works wonders!

I hope you guy's found these tips fun and helpful! I would love to hear which one's you plan to try or have already tried! I know there are several other's I didn't add, but we will get to those on the next Beauty at Home post! I hope you are all having a fabulous day!



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