Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Giveaways and Sales

I have been working hard on my upcoming giveaway and sales plans! Most of my followers know I owned a small store and recently closed it to pursue other goals. My initial plan was to open another store, but I think I might go in another direction. That is still up in the air.

Since I still have more than enough inventory and currently not enough room to store it I plan to do several fun giveaways and put some items up for sale! These items will include: jeans, tops, shorts, shoes, accessories, handbags, formals, wedding gowns and more!

Our first giveaway will be posted in a few days and will be our trial run for future bigger giveaways! This giveaway is for my reader and follower appreciation. I want all of you to know how much I appreciate you!

The first giveaway will be a beauty giveaway! This will include products from hair care to makeup. We plan to host one or more giveaways each month after this!

Check back soon for the giveaway post and instructions on how to win!



  1. I have a giveaway on my blog! come and enter

  2. Looking forward to your upcoming giveaways! :)


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