Monday, June 4, 2012

Just Peachy: Today's Makeup Look

I did it again! I decided to go for lighter colors! This is a look I did for an everyday look. As I mentioned before a good bit of my looks would not be day to day looks. I called this "Just Peachy". Product detail is listed below!

To get this look I used Mimosa orange shadow from Ulta on my lid.

For my crease I used my Good Girl eyeshadow quad from Ulta. I used all four colors for this. The crease has the two darkest browns at the edge and I blended with the medium color. I used the lightest for blending.

To finish I added a black pencil liner and two coats of Super Shock mascara.



  1. love the peach color!

    thanks for stopping by the blog! come again soon.

  2. Very pretty look. I can't get away with orange based colours (boooo!) but it looks lovely on you x :-)

  3. Lovely! What liner do you use? Its beautiful


    1. I have a few different ones I use,but this was avon liquid eyeliner. Thank you so much for the sweet comment!


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