Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How To : Neutral Semi Smoky Eye DIY

My preferred and normal eye look is usually a smoky or semi smoky eye. I tend to use shades of gray for my look. My signature smoky eye can easily transform from day to night. Today I decided I would do a neutral tone smoky look. This is also an easy transformation from day to night. Here is a step by step guide for achieving the look.

Step One:

Start with a naked eye then add a primer. Concealer or foundation can also be used. This helps the shadow last longer on your eye and tends to show pigment better. I used Magic X from Avon.

Step Two: Determine your shade. This shade will go on the upper part of the eyelid. The shade will eventually be darkened, but use this as your guideline. I used the Avon 8 in 1 pallet.

You are going to take this shade and blend it onto the upper lid starting at the outer V of your eye. Then go across the upper lid to the inside V of your eye.

When you are finished with this step your eye should look something like this. Since this is a neutral pigment it is harder to see in the picture.

Step Three:

Pick your darker shade. I am going to use the two shades on the end.

Take the lightest of the two and retrace your outer edge to about midway across the lid. Take the darkest shade and fill in the outer V and crease area of your lid.

Don't worry this will get blended soon!

Step Four:

Take one of the light shades and pat down on your eyelid. You are also going to take this shade to highlight your brow bone.

Take your brush and lightly blend your colors. If there is any extra darker pigment in the outer V you will take that and sweep it along the outer V and under the bottom lashes.

Step Five:

Now its time to line your eyes! I used Ulta liner in Chocolate.

Line your lid all the way across and then line the inside of the bottom like this...

Step Six:

Now its time to fill in your brows if you need to and wipe any excess shadow from around your lid. Q-tips work great for this!

Step Seven:

Finally add a few coats of mascara to complete your look!

That's it! You're all done!

Here's the finished look. I pulled my hair back for a natural look.

Don't be affraid to add a pop of color with a bright lip!

Happy Tuesday everyone! See you guys soon!


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